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Painting, Color Does Make a Difference

Updated on August 7, 2014
Everything is White and "Cold"
Everything is White and "Cold" | Source
Walls Painted Beige Create Warmth and a Nice Contrast to White Trim and Doors
Walls Painted Beige Create Warmth and a Nice Contrast to White Trim and Doors | Source

Choosing The Right Color

Choosing the right color paint can make a huge impact. When preparing a home for sale they say "neutral" is the way to go and I can see what they're talking about. It allows the buyer to picture their own furnishings in each room. It gives the home that "ready to move in" feeling.

As the turoquoise, hunter green, blue, gray and colors inbetween were replaced by various shades of beige, tan and brown I could see and feel a major difference.

White Paint-Not The Best Choice

The upstairs hallway was my next project. As I was preparing to paint the seven door frames and the baseboards it occured to me that it would be so easy to paint the walls with the same paint. No taping or cutting in the trim, no muss, no fuss. White is a neutral color, right?

That's exactly what I did. Doors and frames, the trim and all the walls were painted with Brilliant White Wall and Trim paint. It looked so bright. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint.

I was up and down that hallway quite a few times daily and it never felt quite right to me. Fresh and clean, yes, but also very stark. No contrast. It was also lacking the warmth of the rooms painted in the shades of tan. As much as I didn't want to tackle an already "completed" project I thought it would be in my best interest to do so. This time I was going to do it the right way.

Remember to prepare the walls.

  • Fill in dents and cracks with spackle and clean off the excess before you start painting.
  • I caulked the gaps in the doorframes and baseboards.
  • Let the caulk dry for 30-40 minutes before applying paint.
  • The trim pad would work for the ceiling joint and door frames but the baseboards needed to be taped.

I found a partial gallon of beige paint and went to work. I was so pleased with the finished project. The white trim "popped", the beige walls exuded warmth. The color you choose does make a difference, not only in appearance but in the way that space makes you feel.


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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Oh as well as where we live, we are looking at a house to buy, improve and then sell. We'll see how it works out.

    • pedrn44 profile image

      Sandi 5 years ago from Greenfield, Wisconsin

      Hello, f. When we moved in here the kids chose the color they wanted for their rooms so we had quite a colorful house! It's fun and personalized if you plan to stay for awhile. But, once it is time to sell, warmth and neutrality seem to be the keys. Are you going to buy or do you currently own a home?

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Voted up. We are thinking of possibly doing up a house, too, some time, and it's good to remember that color really does make a difference (and if it helps to increase the price and value of the house, all the better).

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      Yes. Amazon has it. Here is the link


    • pedrn44 profile image

      Sandi 6 years ago from Greenfield, Wisconsin

      Beige is so much warmer and there are so many shades to work with. Thanks for the comment. I am looking forward to reading the novel...available on Amazon?

    • Reynold Jay profile image

      Reynold Jay 6 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

      I purchased a new home that was full of white paint and we did the beige concept throughout. Nicely cone.

      By the way, a nurse is one of the main characters in that Watchdogg novel. That will bring it up a notch for you, I'm sure. RJ

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 6 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      It was well worth the extra work. The beige with white trim looks so much better. Thanks for an interesting hub. Thelma