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Pantry Cabinet

Updated on November 9, 2010

There are many specialty cabinets that you can choose to have installed in your kitchen depending on your needs. But there is one that I think every kitchen should have if they have the room and that is a pantry cabinet. Pantry cabinets are kitchen cabinetry or pieces of kitchen furniture that people use to store food, specifically canned goods and dry foods. Some homes will also store paper products such as paper plates or plastic silverware in the kitchen pantry. If you have a pantry cabinet you will be able to buy more dry foods at any given time because you will have the storage space. Buying in bulk helps save money. Not only will you be able to buy more, you will be able to stay more organized because you will have one central location for all non refrigerated foods. In addition, a cool and dark pantry is a much better place to store foods than in a garage where there are large temperature fluctuations and the possibility of things getting wet or exposed to fumes or chemicals.

In order for a cabinet to be considered a pantry cabinet, there are certain attributes that it should have.  First, pantry cabinets are usually tall.  They extend from the floor to the top of the upper cabinets with no breaks in between.  That is why you often find them on the end of a series of cabinets so they do not interrupt your counter.  In addition to being tall, pantry cabinets typically have many shelves in them with little space in between each one.  The reason for that is that canned goods and boxed food items are rarely very tall.  If there was a lot of clearance space between each shelf it would be a lot of wasted space.  Pantry cabinet shelving will be relatively shallow so that you can see the back of each shelf, or it will be accessible some other way.  For example, the shelves might be on casters so that you can pull each one out to examine what is in the back.  Alternatively, each shelf might be a Lazy Susan that turns around so that you can see what is stored on every part of each shelf.  Finally, pantry cabinets often have organizational tools like baskets or spice racks that help you to keep your foods organized and easily accessible.

Types of Pantry Cabinets

Even though most kitchen pantries share similar characteristics, there are distinct styles that all have their own benefits and limitations. First is the free standing pantry storage cabinet. This piece of kitchen furniture is usually not part of your cabinetry and will be in a separate area of the kitchen perhaps at the edge of the breakfast nook and it might be considered a piece of breakfast nook furniture so it should match your table and chairs rather than your kitchen cabinets.. It will have one or two doors that swing out to reveal several shelves inside. The shelves will be shallow and not moveable. The shelves might be recessed slightly to make room for baskets or spice racks on the inside of the door or doors. The main disadvantage to this unit is that it is removed from the cooking are of your kitchen and it may be inconvenient to walk to the pantry while you are cooking or working in the kitchen. If you are interested in a piece of kitchen furniture like this because your cabinets are already established then you can check out reviews at sites like BNS Kitchen Furniture for idea on what kind of cabinet to buy.

Another variety of pantry cabinet is a swing out pantry unit.  These pantries are going to be part of your cabinet system and as a result will be quite deep.  When you swing open the doors each one will have a shelving unit on it and directly in front of you will be two shelves that also swing out to reveal a third set of shelves attached to the back of the cabinet.  Three levels of shelving means that no shelving layer is too deep and you can see every item in the pantry cabinet easily.  The main disadvantage to this pantry unit is that you need to move out the entire second level to see what is in the back and the shelving units can be quite heavy when fully loaded.  You might not be able to move it with one and which makes it difficult to look around and gather items with one while browsing with the other.

A third type of pantry cabinet is one that utilizes the Lazy Susan.  You might open a pantry cabinet door to find a pole running from the floor of the cabinet to the ceiling in the center.  Around that pole will be a series of shelves that are all Lazy Susans or revolving shelves.  You can turn each shelf three hundred and sixty degrees in either direction to reach any item in the cabinet easily.  Lazy Susan pantry cabinets are usually thin because the circles cannot be too large or the cabinet would have to be much deeper than normal kitchen cabinets.  My main complaint with a Lazy Susan pantry is that they look kind of cheap with plastic shelves that spin around.  If you can find a pantry cabinet with wooden shelving in this style, that would be ideal

Finally, there is the pantry cabinet that is actually a rolling unit that fits in between cabinetry or piece of kitchen furniture.  The entire unit is on wheel and can be pulled out for access to the food.  There are no doors that open to reveal individual rolling shelves or drawers.  Instead, the entire pantry rolls out like a large drawer revealing multiple shelves with high sides that keep the food in place.  These pantry cabinets are quite thin because they are designed to fit in spaces that are normally left uninhabited.  The main problem with this type of kitchen pantry or pantry shelving is that you can bang it up quite easily when pulling it in and out as well as bang up the sides of your other kitchen cabinets or appliances.


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