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How To Partition Your Home With The Best Room Dividers And Screens, Make The Best Of Your Space!

Updated on April 19, 2012

Partition your home and make better use of your space.  That is the solution to adding value and privacy to areas of your home.  Here are the best room dividers and screens on the market that will suit your everyday needs.

These room dividers can be used anywhere and are completely movable, making it easy to clean the home and the screen.  The versatility is vast as your needs change and they can be easily concertinaed for ease of storage.  What is more, all these room partitions are affordable and designed to suit everyone's taste.

Adding privacy to your home allows people the space to do what they want to.  Perhaps you want to create an office area or divide a children's bedroom?  Whatever the need, all these room dividers will create areas which you didn't think possible.  Just when you thought you might need to move, you can create the space you need with your existing space.

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Simple Room Design And Screens - Partitions To Please

What a neat idea from this room divider purchaser!

'I live in a spacious loft with not enough closet space. I used this screen and a curtain to create a makeshift closet in the corner of the living room area. I was worried that, when slightly folded, the screen would not create a closet "wall" long enough for our needs, or that it would be flimsy and susceptible to our spastic cat. Even slightly folded, the screen covers an ample space and the four panel construction makes it very sturdy. The simple black and white design was easy to match with a curtain fabric and it looks quite chic in this former industrial space. A surprise bonus - when we turn on the light in the closet, the screen becomes a giant lampshade, pleasantly illuminating our living space.'

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Beautiful Ornate Designed Room Dividers And Screens

Look at this beautiful partition.  It is not only functional, but beautiful too.

'Beautiful Shigo screen. It is perfect for hiding boxes and storage containers in the corner of a room. The product is well-built, and the design really adds to the room. A tall bamboo-type plant placed next to this screen was a perfect complement'

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Unusual Rollable Room Divider and Screen

This room divider is probably the most unusual and modern that I have seen.  It adds curves and swirls  that creates natural angles to your home.

'I just received the Rollable Bamboo Room Partition made by Gaiam. All I can say is WOW, what a piece of art. The product photo does no justice for this room partition (other than showing the color). I was just amazed by its simple design, color and the rich bamboo wood grain pattern. It feels modern and yet organic at the same time. I searched all over the web for a curved divider that has a "natural-feel" element, and this one fits the bill perfectly. The only other similar product that I saw at another website costs $300, so this one is definitely a deal'

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Beautiful Room Divider And Screen

'This cherry blossom shoji panel is incredibly beautiful. Because the pattern spreads over the 4 panels, it's almost like having a custom panel in your room. It arrived quickly, was VERY well priced and has performed flawlessly. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versitile decorating accessory'

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Beauty is Screen Divider Deep - Love This For A Lifetime

'I loved it online the picture doesn't do it any justice! its really beautiful!'

'This screen is absolutely gorgeous! We use it between two rooms and it just makes the living room so beautiful! I'm glad I found it! Reasonably priced. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.'

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Buy With Confidence -

Amazon really do provide the best for value for money.  I have tested them out on many products and have always been impressed with the purchases and quick delivery times.  You can even get free deliveries when buying directly - check it out! 

In a time where fraud is prevailant, you can be guaranteed satisfaction and be confident that your details are safe on this website.  Here is an article on Internet safety that should help you.

However, you must agree that these are the best room and screens that you have seen on the market.  Here we have covered a multitude of different designs and prices to suit anyone, so buy with confidence and partition your home with real chic!  Buy it now and make good use of your existing living space - best is best!

© This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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