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Party Lite Review: The Business End to the Best Candles

Updated on August 22, 2016


Party Lite Candles Lit
Party Lite Candles Lit | Source

What is Party Lite?

Party Lite is a self-made business, like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef, that deals with high end candles, and other home furnishings. It's consultants are usually home makers, depending on extra income to provide their families. But it's not just the people that is making this business a great self starter. It's the candles.

From scented candles, to DIY creations, to flameless candles, and well, candles that just look awesome, Party Lite adds a special flair to any home décor, party, event, or ritual.

What Makes These Candles High End?

Obviously, price.

Party Lite's candles can be a little pricey. While an average person can go to any Wal-mart or Target and get a box of vanilla scented candles for around $1, Party Lite charges $8 for a pack of 6 votives. Tealights will run you around $12. Jar candles are priced $15 and higher. And all the little extras will be over $10 upwards into $100's.

It's worth the money.

The scented candles are heavenly. From traditional scents like vanilla and cinnamon, there are unique scents like iced snowberries, wild strawberry, citrus peel and sage, and cucumber ginger mint.

There are non-traditional candles on the site, such as LED candles. 3 AAA batteries are inserted into these and you can control the brightness with just a touch of a button. Also, their signature Glo-Lite Candles light the entire candle not just the tip of the wick. Beautiful, stunning, and they smell amazing.

Party Light Candles

Party Lite Candles Assortment
Party Lite Candles Assortment | Source

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PartyLite Color Changing Base

What Are My Incentives to Buy?

The Freebies!

Everyone loves free stuff. On top of discounted candles and special events, you can throw your own party and get free candles.

Talk to a consultant in your area or just use the Party Lite Website.

There are fundraising events, hosting events, and ways to earn rewards.

Freebie Candles St. Patrick's Day

Free Candles After Hosting
Free Candles After Hosting | Source

Cons of Party Lite

No business has all of the kinks worked out. With products and services, for me, it all comes down to customer service. While I believe that Party Lite has a great number of good products and friendly sales-staff; not everyone has the same experience. The business is built on team Leaders, Recruiters, and finally, Consultants. Every bad review, I've read about Party Lite, comes to the inefficiency of the Consultant. Products never shipped, to checks getting lost, seem to all stem from:

Unreliable Consultants

It all comes down to who your consultant is. Some consultants are willing to help you if you have an issue with your candles, or with freebie gifts. Some consultants just want to get paid; and aren't willing or able to help you if you come across with an issue. Some consultants will charge you extra for hosting parties and other events that they make commissions on. Or you will host parties and the consultant will take all the goodies leaving you with an empty wallet.

90% of the complaints, I've researched for Party Lite, have to do with consultants. Some consultants won't give receipts or honor the company's 60 day return policy. Some don't show up for hosted events and have had consumers fit the bill for food and refreshments. Some won't return emails, phone calls, or pleas for broken or missing merchandise. Some want to blame the recruiter, or team leader and leave the consumer in a whirlwind of he said/ she said drama.

You can buy directly from the website. Your order form is your receipt. But if you deal with Party Lite parties, fundraisers, or other events you will be dealing with a consultant. The bottom line is that this is a business. You are responsible for who you choose to be your consultant. If you choose a poor one, find someone else, contact the Party Lite's customer service line and keep all of your order forms as they act as your receipts.

Some Candles Can Start A Fire

No product is perfect, and in such a high demand world, manufacturing defects and other problems can lead to such things. Candles should be monitored at all times. There's that nifty little warning on each package. But there are some Party Lite candles that have a tendency to catch fire. Even on their website, they warn that the Glo-Lite candles, after they've reached midway down the glass, might catch fire and need to be replaced.

All candles have the potential to start fires. If you light a candle near fabrics or anything flammable you are risking a fire. Party Lite used to carry pillar candles with paper wrappings. These, sometimes, would catch fire if a breeze or even a sneeze caught the edge of the flame to the paper. I have since seen that these candles have been removed from the website.

Know what you're buying. Obviously, paper is flammable. Although paper wrappings are pretty, it would save the consumer a lot of headache to just remove the paper. Also, any ceramics that are cracked, or glass holders that are chipped and/or cracked need to be replaced. Wax can spill or drip from these causing unnecessary stains on your ceiling, walls, or furniture. Not to mention, when glass heats up it can explode or burst. It's not worth your safety. If you see a chip or crack in your holders, return the product.


I, myself, have never had an issue with Party Lite.

I thank my stars that I've had a very reliable Consultant.

Consultants should take care of their customers, and if you're in this business, I would hope that every consultant would take every complaint seriously. But I know, some people are uninterested once they've already been paid.

My advice to you, for any self-made job, is find someone you are comfortable working with. If you like the products, and you've been burned by one consultant, would it hurt to try working with another? Party Lite guarantees products up to 60 days after purchase. If one consultant is willing to take, isn't it possible that another wants to give?

I love this product. You can find faults in any business, in any one person. One experience might deter you from ever purchasing again. I can respect that. But if you are just learning of Party Lite, I'd urge you to give them a try. Find that connection with candles, show off the beauty and radiance and smells that Party Lite offers. You can buy a candle at Wal-mart, but it won't be a product that you fall in love with.

Isn't it time you fell in love with the life of a candle?

Candle Beauty

Candles light up my room
Candles light up my room | Source


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