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Pass The Florida Real Estate Exam, A Worthy Goal

Updated on July 22, 2012

Goals, start the foundation now.

If you are on your way to passing the Florida real estate exam, good for you. I am glad you are reading this article before you take your Florida real estate exam. Only fifty three per cent of the appilcants for a Florida real estate license pass it the first time.

As a thirty year veteran of teaching Florida real estate licensing classes, I think I know what the winners do right.

If you know anything about setting and achieving goals, you know that passing the Florida real estate exam is a perfect example of an worthy, achievable goal.

Everything you read about goal setting says to decide what you want and write it down. " I will get a Florida real estate license" . That is a worthy goal. Write that down. Everything else is a detail. Most books, blogs, speeches, and classes on goal setting tell us to be sure we know why we want what we want. Why do you want to get a Florida real estate license? I would assume it has something to do with an increase in income. Write down the why. When difficulty arises, you have to remind yourself why you want a Florida real estate license. Just like other goals, if you forget the why, you might just forget the whole thing. Write down the why.

It will be easier to pass the Florida real estate exam if you choose a good real estate school for your basic real estate class. Check out the school and check out the instructor. There is a huge difference between schools. Be sure the school is located in Florida. There are good instructors and there are some awful instructors. Ask around. Look at their website. Mine is . Read their Google reviews. Talk with some rookie Realtors at the real estate office you where you intend to go to work. Don't choose your real estate school because it is two blocks from where you live.

Understand that getting a Florida real estate license is a process. If you don't understand the process, ask more questions. I have had people show up at my real estate class that don't even know that they need to apply for a license with the Department of Business and Professionial Regulation for a Florida real estate license.

They haven't done enough research to know that they need their fingerprints taken and submitted to the Florida Real Estate Commission. Many people are surprised to learn that there is a Florida real estate exam that they have to pass after they pass my real estate course.

Many goals are this way. After we start toward the goal, we discover that there is more to do than we realized when we wrote down the goal. This is why the WHY of the goal is so important. If your "why" is big enough, when the obstacles jump up in your path, you will continue toward your goal, a Florida real estate license. If your why is rather lame, your commintment will be rather lame. If you understand the obstacles before you start, it makes the journey easier. Write down why you want to earn money with your Florida real estate license. Getting a Florida real estate license is just like any other goal. Know the price and benefits up front .

What a benefit having a real estate license is. Selling real estate is such a wonderful way to make a living.There is a benefit you can write down. You get to be your own boss. Write that down on the benefit sheet. You can make more money selling real estate than you can doing what you are doing now. That is a super cool benefit. Write that on the benefit sheet.

When you keep your focus on the benefits, you are more likely to reach your goal of getting a real estate license in spite of a few obstacles.

In goal setting, we learn to write down the name of people that can and will help us reach our goal.. If your goal is to get a Florida real estate license, who could and would help you. Who would you write down? How about your fellow students in your class? I started years ago passing around a sheet in real estate class and having my students put their name, phone and email on the sheet. I make a copy for everyone . I find that, if the students stay in touch with each other and get together to study, they all do better. That is true for the real estate class test and the Florida real estate exam.

Studying together usually helps. There are other ways to help yourself pass the Florida real estate exam the first time. If you have this as a goal, you will seek out free and cheap study aids. Read my article right here on Hubpages, " The Florida Real Estate Exam, Free Study Aids". Take advantage of any and all study aids you can find. It would be foolish to go take the Florida real estate exam without watching my real estate math videos on You Tube. Every math problem that you may encounter is covered on those nine videos.

Write down your goal. When you acheive that, you will like that feeling. As soon as you pass the Florida real estate exam, it is time for a new goal. Let's take a look at " Rookie of the Year" at the best real estate agency in Orlando.


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