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Paste the wall wallpaper

Updated on May 1, 2012
Wallpapering can be so easy and fun!
Wallpapering can be so easy and fun! | Source

I have tried almost every type of wallpaper there is available on the market, structure wallpaper, paste on the paper wallpaper, cheaper wallpaper and more expensive wallpaper. And the one that suits me best is the ”paste on the wall” paper!

There are so many advantages with wallpaper of the type ”paste on the wall” paper and here is a few of them:

They are often of good quality which means that the end result will be much better and that the colours and patterns are more bright. It is a lot of work to wallpaper a room so it is better to go for quality and redecorate more seldom instead. The patterns are often well designed which will give you something nice to look at for many years.

Here are the main advantages with paste the wall wallpaper!

Your wallpaper table is dry!

To have a dry wallpaper table is a big advantage! You don't have to struggle with a messy wallpaper table and you don't run the risk of getting stains of wallpaper paste on the wrong side of the wallpaper. My experience is that no matter how thoroughly I wipe off paste from the table, I will end up with a messy table at the end of the work when I use paste on the paper wallpaper. And it gets even worse when some of the lengths have to be cut because then you will have wallpaper paste all over the table and not just at the table edges.

A dry wallpaper table makes wallpapering so much easier.
A dry wallpaper table makes wallpapering so much easier. | Source

You can use also the parts that you cut off!

You will have some bits and parts of wallpaper left from those wallpaper lengths that needs to be cut or are shorter than full length. With this type of wallpaper every bit and small parts of the wallpaper will be dry and can be stored for later use. I have found that many of the smaller bits can be used later on and it will save wallpaper since you don't have to cut out small pieces from a full length.

You can use leftover wallpaper, since it is absolutely dry!
You can use leftover wallpaper, since it is absolutely dry! | Source

It is very easy around plug sockets!

We all know that electricity and wet wallpaper isn't the best combination but with a dry wallpaper, you will not have to worry about that. I paste the wall while the plug socket cover is still on and take off the cover afterwards just before I am about to hang the wallpaper. Then I hang the wallpaper and work my way down to the floor while I have a rough idea of where the plug socket is. It is then quite easy to make a hole for the socket in a dry wallpaper. Make an x-shaped cut and then you can use a scissor to finish. When the hole is on the right place you can continue to hang the wallpaper around the socket and you can immediately put back the cover over the plug socket. When that is done you can continue wallpapering.

You can use a scissors instead of a cutter!

A cutter is excellent to use where you want the cutting to look sharp and even. But there are also some places where you can use a scissor if you use paste on the wall wallpaper. I use scissors more and more, e.g. around windows, doors and so. With a dry wallpaper I can use the whole length of wallpaper and make the adjustment needed when the wallpaper hangs in place. This is a big advantage in old houses where there walls or the sockets are a bit askew since it is almost impossible to measure and cut askew on the tapestry table.

Use scissors around windows.
Use scissors around windows. | Source
Cut all the way down in an angle to the corner of the woodwork around the window and you can easy adjust the wallpaper and cut the rest off with a sharp knife.
Cut all the way down in an angle to the corner of the woodwork around the window and you can easy adjust the wallpaper and cut the rest off with a sharp knife. | Source
Work your way around the window, and since the wallpaper is dry there is no need to hurry up.
Work your way around the window, and since the wallpaper is dry there is no need to hurry up. | Source

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You will succeed with tricky parts like corners, floor sockets and such!

Even if you never have done wallpapering before I think you will be satisfied with the results you get if you use good wallpaper the first time you try to wallpaper a room on your own.

A dry wallpaper is also much more easy to use when you want to have wallpaper behind radiators and such. Since the wallpaper is dry you can fold it slightly and maneuver it in behind the radiator and reach the ends from underneath and drag the wallpaper in place. This is almost impossible to do with a wet wallpaper which will most certainly crack if handled this way!

Sometimes we go the wrong way and choose a cheaper wallpaper to practise on, but this is actually making it harder. And you will struggle with a wet and fragile wallpaper which will make it harder to get a good end result. So I can really recommend paste on the wallpaper to everyone.

Try it out and feel the satisfaction from your own work for many years!

A dry wallpaper is easy to fold and get in place behind radiators.
A dry wallpaper is easy to fold and get in place behind radiators. | Source
It is much easier to cut in a dry wallpaper than in a wet.
It is much easier to cut in a dry wallpaper than in a wet. | Source

The most important advantage!

But the most important advantage in my opinion is that you can work in you own pace and take it slowly! There is almost no hurry and you have plenty of time to adjust the wallpaper and to make sure you get it right. Even if you have glued the wall it doesn't matter! If it takes to long and the glue starts to dry, you can simply add some more while you work. It is better to let it take time and get a good result in the end!

Please share your experience or opinion in the comment section!

All of Thougtforce's hubs are authored by, Christina Lornemark

Copyright 2012

All rights reserved


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    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 5 years ago from Sweden

      Christy, when you try this you will never want to use the other type of wallpaper again! I always search for paste the wall wallpaper because it makes it so much easier. I know that some people think it is difficult to wallpapering a room but most people can do this if they just let it take time and plan their work. Most of the mistakes that can be done can be decreased with proper planning and time. Thanks Christy, for reading and for the comment! I always appreciate it,


    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      I had not heard of this type of wallpaper before. I have tried the other kind and you're right about the table getting messy! Like Teaches says you do make it sound easy. Good info!

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 6 years ago from Sweden

      Hi teaches, It is quite easy with this type of wallpaper and I can really recommend using paste on the wall wallpaper. I use the ordinary wallpaper method as well, but I prefer this one and every time I use it, it strikes me how easy everything is and how smooth it is to wallpapering a room with a dry wallpaper of good quality. I hope you try it sometimes! Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate your support!


    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 years ago

      You make it seem so easy! I do like this option as it seems to be manageable and simple enough to apply. Thanks for the share on this topic.


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