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Patio Covers and Patio Enclosures Your Key to Outdoor Comfort

Updated on November 10, 2015
Keep your guests and family in the shade with a patio cover.
Keep your guests and family in the shade with a patio cover.

Your garden, patio, or yard is a place which you as a homeowner should be able to enjoy no matter what the weather. Unfortunately while that’s how things should be it’s not always reality. So how can you do so? Two ways to solve this problem are patio covers and patio enclosures. Which one is best for you depends on your situation.

The Easier Option

Patio covers are definitely the easier option when it comes to protecting you from the weather. That’s because they are simply a roof made of vinyl, metal, or wood. They are very easy to install and inexpensive as well, making the shade that they provide a great deal. Converting your once hot patio to a cool and shady spot has many advantages. First of all you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space whenever you want, no more waiting till the afternoon when it’s starting to cool down.

Patio covers also protect your furniture from the Sun’s powerful UV rays, meaning that your furniture won’t become quickly faded and look much older than it really is, as it would if it was left out in the Sun all day. You and your family will also be protected from these rays which are known to cause skin cancer as well as premature aging of the skin. In fact many pool owners opt for a patio cover over their swimming pool as a simple way to eliminate painful sunburns and allow their family, friends, and guests to stay in the pool as long as they want. They are also perfect for anyone who loves to grill but not standing in the burning hot Sun while they are doing so.

One of the best features of patio covers is the fact that because they only cover the area above you, your outdoor space won’t feel cramped or smaller than it is because there are no walls. Patio covers allow you to have an unobstructed view of your yard with the benefit of the shade. And of course because they do function as a roof you will and your patio furniture will also be protected from the rain as well. No more water damage or soggy pillows only relaxation when you want it.

More Expensive Means More Protected

While patio covers are definitely the simpler option, patio enclosures are the more complete one. Patio enclosures like patio covers have a roof, yet they also have walls. Generally there are two types, ones which have 3 walls and those that have 4 and sometimes more depending on the shape of the structure. The enclosures with 3 walls provide convenience. This is because they are meant to be installed up against the backdoor and wall of your house thus providing the 4th wall.

These enclosures allow you to literally step out of your back door and into your patio enclosure which is totally protected from the outdoors. It’s like an extension on your house only much cheaper and one which allows you to feel the cool breeze, sit comfortably on your outdoor furniture, while totally protected from the elements. The same goes for the 4 walled or more variety, you are totally enclosed and protected. However if you choose one of this type, because it is free standing and totally enclosed you can move it wherever you want.

It can be used to surround your outdoor hot tub, next to your flower garden, or a soothing water feature or pond it’s up to you. However because both types are made from either screen, glass, or both they offer the ultimate in protection yet allow you to still enjoy the view. However unfortunately for the mosquitoes and other pests, they will not be able to join you as patio enclosures not only protect you from the sun and rain but provide an impenetrable barrier which insects cannot get through.

And while patio enclosures can end up costing in the double digit thousands on the high-end, you’re paying for the ability to be able to enjoy your home and outdoor space to its fullest potential and of course in total comfort. Not to mention the fact that this means your property will increase in value as a result of installing one giving you a good return on your investment and great return on the time and enjoyment you will be able to have with your family and friends all while other people are stuck indoors.

Both patio covers and patio enclosures are excellent options you can use to keep protected from the elements and stay comfortable at the same time. A patio cover will offer you top-notch protection from the Sun and rain while allowing your space to still feel wide open and your view unobstructed. For a more protected and permanent structure patio enclosures are the best option and of course one which is pest-free as well.

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