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Patio Furniture For Sale, Tables, Parasols, Cheap & Luxury Patio Sets

Updated on January 17, 2012
Designer Patio Furniture
Designer Patio Furniture


Patio Furniture For Sale, Garden Chairs, Tables, Parasols, Cheap Garden Furniture.

The garden area needs to be defined and presented perfectly to enhance the garden area and the experience for visitors. Get it wrong with the garden or patio furniture, and any event can be cheapened and frowned upon, as well as the owners missing out on relaxing times in their outdoor haven.

The Difference Between Patio Furniture And Garden Furniture.

Garden furniture, such as garden chairs and tables, are usually made of durable moulded plastic and is more often than not cheaper than patio furniture. Garden furniture is designed to be waterproof for when it is situated on grass or soil. This prevents any rust or mould growing on any part of the assembled furniture, unless it is not cleaned regularly. Most garden furniture has a limited lifespan, although it can outlast patio furniture if the patio furniture is left outside in the elements.

Patio Furniture can be manufactured using wood, bamboo, metal, glass or any other natural product. These are more susceptible to rot and mould which is why they are specifically designed to be placed on a patio or in a conservatory. away from as much damp as possible. The designs and styles of patio furniture are more relaxing and easy on the eye compared to general garden furniture.

This full yet cheap patio set consists of four patio chairs, table, and the umbrella. A simple design of metal and fabric which brightens up any area and turns it into an outside smoking / dining / meeting area. Simplistic in design, this set is standard for many households and will need to be stored inside or covered over for the wetter months of the year.

Metal rusts quite quickly, and even after just a few weeks outside in wet weather, rust can begin to form. Keeping patio furniture which has metal intermingled in the structure is more difficult to maintain than wood. Anti rust paint may be required once a year to touch up on little areas.

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Metal Patio Furniture
Metal Patio Furniture

This heavy and intricately designed patio set comprises of four chairs and a table. The table comes in either black or tan, and the table sizes are 42" or 48". Cushions will be required for these chairs as sitting on them can be cold and slightly uncomfortable. These are similar in style to many bars than have outdoor facilities as they are very hard-waring and durable.

Personal views range from 'cold looking' to 'Victorian style' and is down to personal choice at the end of the day.

This lovely 8 piece wooden patio set comes with six chairs, table, and one 16" lazy Susan. For those of you who do not know, the lazy Susan is the round centre piece in the middle of the table which turns around. The drink jugs or bottles go on this so as people can help themselves and save the host / hostess from getting up to serve drinks.

The beverage cart is sold separately. The chairs will require cushions for comfort, although they are more comfortable than metal chairs.

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The luxury is obvious in this four piece patio set. Comprising a perfect little love seat, two chairs and a table, this set is perfect to adorn any patio area. Deep seats ensure a high comfortability factor for four people and the cushions are included. The table is glass topped for easy cleaning. The whole set is visually pleasing, and although on the bulky side for storage, a cover is easily used for the winter months.

Luxurious Patio Set
Luxurious Patio Set

This 20 piece patio furniture set definitely has the WOW ! factor. Comprises of 2 Chaise Lounge, 9 piece dining set, ottoman, 8 chairs and a dining table. The wicker design is symbolic and could be used by Posh and Becks. The price tag is more than some people pay in rent a month, but the luxury and the amazed look on visitors faces is well worth it.

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Patio set covers are an important part of maintenance for all patio sets. During summer, rain showers can still occur and packing away patio furniture is the last thing on peoples minds. But the cover is simply placed over the whole set to protect it from the elements. This can be done very quickly and easily. The cover can be used throughout winter to protect the patio furniture if storage space inside is a problem.

A tarpaulin can be used to protect patio furniture for a limited period of time only, as the water will seep through and damage the furniture. Cheap patio furniture is only cheap if you do not need to constantly repair, treat or replace the items. By using patio furniture covers, you do not develop a false economy.


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