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Patio Umbrella Lights & LED Pole Lights

Updated on September 20, 2014

There are many wonderful things that you can do to spruce up your patio area. Lighting is just one of the many things that can really transform the patio from an area that you only enjoy during the day to an area that you enjoy both day and night.

Today we will be talking about patio umbrella lights. Many people have large patio umbrellas on the patio. These patio umbrellas are fantastic for providing some cooling shade during the heat of the day or sheltering you from the rain but during a night they can be a little bit of a nuisance.

It's not uncommon for patio umbrellas to block the light from your patio lights at night. If you have the patio table with an umbrella in the center of it, it's likely that sitting it at the table under the umbrella during the evening will be very dark.

One option is to fold the umbrella down during the night time to let and the light from your patio lighting illuminate your table but this can be quite bothersome. A much better solution is to buy some patio umbrella lights.

Types Of Patio Umbrella Lights

There are a few types of patio umbrella lights worth mentioning. Whatever type of patio umbrella light you buy, you're sure to be pleased with the cozy atmosphere they provide. Sitting on your patio in the evening with the table gently illuminated by patio umbrella lights can provide a comforting mood to your patio that you just don't get during the daytime.

Many patio umbrellas are designed to go through a hole in your patio table and rest in a plastic or metal base near your feet. The first type of patio lighting that will talk about is actually part of the base that supports the patio umbrella. You can buy a replacement base for your patio umbrella that has light fixtures built right into it. You simply switch the base that you're currently using for the patio umbrella with the new one that contains the patio umbrella lights and you're good to go.

These patio umbrella lights provide a subtle light from below the table. Of course, it wouldn't make much sense to buy this type of patio umbrella lighting if you don't have a glass patio table. They're really designed to provide a certain feeling by illuminating the table from underneath.

The next type of patio umbrella lights are designed to sit on the patio table. They have a hinge so that they can open up and then be closed down around the patio umbrella pole. These patio umbrella lights often use LED light bulbs to conserve energy. In most cases these fixtures will be battery powered so buying the unit that has LED lights will ensure that your batteries last much longer. These units generally have several LED light bulbs in them so that the light is equally distributed around the table.

The next type of patio umbrella lights are designed to attach at the top of the umbrella on the underside of it. These light fixtures generally hang from the spars of the umbrella. It's also very common for these light fixtures to be equipped with LED light bulbs. With this type of patio umbrella light, thel ight gently illuminates the table and its occupants from above.

There is one more type of patio umbrella light worth mentioning. This type is what is called rope lighting. Rope lighting is a long clear plastic tubing with small LED light bulbs spaced about every one or 2 inches inside the tubing. This type of lighting is basically one long element that can be wrapped around the patio umbrella pole and woven in between the spars on the patio umbrella. This type of lighting doesn't put out very much light but it does add certain flair to your patio umbrella.

Powering Your Patio Umbrella Lights

Some of these types of patio lights are powered by a standard electrical cord that you plug into your house and others are powered by batteries. If you have the type that is powered by a cord, you can sometimes drill a hole in your patio umbrella pole and run that cord down along the inside of the pole and then out another hole near the base of the pole. This will hide the cord and make the installation much cleaner looking. Keep in mind that if you drill to big of a hole in the shaft, it may weaken the actual patio umbrella shaft, and a big wind storm may break the umbrella in two.

If you choose to run the cord down along the outside of the patio umbrella shaft, it's a good idea to use plastic zip ties to securely fasten the cord to the pole. This will prevent the cord from getting pulled and causing the light fixture to fall.

Other patio umbrella lights are powered by batteries. You can use regular alkaline to power of these patio lights but in the spirit of keeping our planet green, I would suggest that you use rechargeable batteries so you can use them many times over instead of filling our landfills with disposed batteries.

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