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Patton U2-2003-UC 20-Inch Velocity Air Circulator Review

Updated on August 3, 2010

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“The Patton U2-2003-UC is definitely a fan you have to get. You can adjust the fan to point horizontal or vertically. It’s much stronger than those fans you find at retail stores. Well worth your money.”

“This unit really puts out a lot of air. It’s basically an industrial grade fan. You can expect a strong breeze from this.”

“In the summer, it gets really hot here in Texas. I don’t want to turn on my AC full blast all the time, so I got this air circulator. This unit really blows a lot of air even on the lowest setting. Now I don’t have to use my AC as much, which has saved me a lot of money. I also use it at night as white noise to help me sleep.”

“I bought this on Amazon for a good price and have used it for several years. It’s very sturdy and has held up even after daily use. I highly recommend this fan for those who want to cool down their room and don’t mind some noise.”


Click Here to Buy Patton U2-2003-UC 20-Inch Velocity Air Circulator

Do you have a room in your house or an office that you need cooling? Using an air circulator may be the best option for you to cycle air through the room and cool it. To this end, you may want to try the Patton U2-2003-UC 20-Inch Velocity Air Circulator.

The Patton U2-2003-UC 20-Inch Velocity Air Circulator is a great tool because it creates a strong breeze throughout your room. In fact it is so strong that you may not want to use this in a room where you want quiet. The circulator has 3 speed settings and even on the lowest setting, this unit pushes out a lot of air. The all metal construction makes this product very sturdy and long lasting.


  • Tilt adjustment for focused cooling
  • 3-speed comfort control
  • All-metal construction
  • 10-year warranty



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