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People with crazy Dreams and hobbies: It's not about the money

Updated on April 4, 2011

Everyone of us has a crazy desire, dream or hobby. Something we always wanted but never could get or afford, and then one day, it is sitting in front of us dripping with temptation. The desire simply tosses all reason out the window, only time will tell you if the decision was insane or not. Usually the insanity part is ignored, LOL!

For a lot of guys, it is cars. Usually either fast ones or older ones. Ones, they once did own in youth or always wanted but could not afford. Take Jay leno. The guy is filthy rich and loves cars. He has spent over $40,000 restoring a 1961 Corvair truck that he bought for $5k and which was a rust bucket. He knows he'll never get that money back, but his dream of owning a Corvair (his parents had one) always was a personal desire despite fame and fortune. When the truck was new in 1961, it sold for $2500.

In Sonoma, an Interior Designer had the same itch, but for old barns. While visiting the east coast, she fell in love with a 1840 barn in New Jersey.  She had just purchased a very run down piece of property literally buried in junk and old, rusted out cars. Even the real estate person advised her not to buy it. Just the clean up of it would be costly. What did she do? She bought it. All of her friends thought dementia had set in early. Next, she bought the old barn, which was also in disrepair. That was not the end. Her dream home was having the old barn in California. What did she do? She hired a firm to dismantle it, truck across country from New Jersey and erect it on the now cleaned up property. The cost was between $80 and 180,000. The barn literally mesmerized her being from the Civil War period. Not all of the barn arrived, only the wooden frame did.

Her dream house actually has the 1840 frame inside the house. In other words, the old frame was erected and the new house was built around it. From the outside, you would have no clue that the frame of the house is from 1840. The staircase, which was outside of the frame, was encased in faux-wheat silo.

This is the kind of thing people do with their dreams. Crazy!


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      Not all dreams require one to be rich. for instance, I restored a 67 Corvair. Bought it from a old guy, only 56K on it, painted it, minor repairs. Spent no more than $3K on it, looks new, runs great.

    • profile image

      marellen 7 years ago

      This is what people can do with money. Good hub....

    • FGual profile image

      FGual 7 years ago from USA

      Wow, great story of insane dreams. Cannot comprehend either of them. Spending 40 grand on a Corvair van, no matter how rare, is insane. He could have driven it as is or with minimal repair instead of a total restoration. The civil war barn within a new house is far out, a barn belongs outside on the ground.