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Perennials That Repel Pests

Updated on December 26, 2016
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Tammy is an avid gardening writer and love the horticulture field. Selling USDA licenses plants to all states and 13 foreign countries.

During the warmer months of the year, the peskiest of pests tend to rear their ugly heads. Mosquitoes enjoy feasting on our blood. Bees partake in fear tactics causing humans to run around as if they were crazy. The antics are endless!

As we claim to be the more intelligent participant in this never-ending war between nature and humanity, we should arm ourselves with the proper tools to fight fire with fire. Use the tools of Mother Nature to detour the most undesirable of creatures in the garden.


Take a quick peek at a few of the most efficient tools available for warding off nature’s nuisance. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Use it to cut down on painful side effects of these terrorizing terminators.

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Plants that repel mosquitoes

The first natural remedy that comes to mind is the citronella plant. It has been used for years to keep the campfire clear of mosquitoes. The pungent smell of the plant is repulsive to these disease carriers.


Marigolds are also a strong repellant to mosquitoes. Their smell is not very enticing to these pests. Some people do not care for their smell either, so make sure Marigold’s scent does not cause a strong reaction in the family before planting it in the garden.

Plants that repel deer and rabbits

Deer and rabbits can devastate a thriving garden plot in a matter of days. It is super vital to keep them out of the places in which they are not welcome. Remember, bunnies love to eat all of the healthy food. If there are veggies in the garden, rabbits are not far behind. Proper gating is necessary.

Natural Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Perennial Vines

Plants that repel bees, hornets, and wasps

Wormwood is one of the most familiar and efficient repellents of bees and wasps. It is a woody type of perennial plant that bears a silver tint to its foliage. The old saying, “as bitter as wormwood” is entirely true for humans as well as these stinging pests.


Mint and citrus trees are also great for repelling angry wasps or hornets. These particular brands of foliage just are not palatable to bees. Take a look at the zoning in the area of planting to decide what plants will be likely to thrive.

Plants that repel insects in general

For a blanket effect in repelling pests, here are a few suggestions for plants that repel insects in general. Basil is good for warding off mosquitoes and houseflies. Lavender is effective in repelling moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. Chives will save the roses in the garden from aphids and Japanese beetles.


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