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Perfect Place for Ceramic Decorative Plate Lovers

Updated on February 15, 2011

If you are absolutely crazy about anything related to ceramic plates and their decoration, then you will surely enjoy this. If you are thinking of olden style of ceramic decorative plates, just forget it. There is a whole new style and formal pattern for ceramic plates today. The most interesting aspect of ceramic plates is how they are made. If you took notice of how ceramic plates are made somewhere, then the art is sure to impress you.

I will share some common tips on decorating and will teach you methods to give ceramic plates a beautiful and artistic feel. Some people may use flowers on the ceramic plates, but realize that you need a lot of patience to make just two small flowers on a plate. However, flowers on ceramic plates so seem slightly feminine. Ceramic painting has alwaysheld a tinge of culture mixed with ancient traditions from the past. In fact, anthropology can often find hints to culture and the development of mankind on them.

Ceramic Decorative Plate
Ceramic Decorative Plate

Decorating ceramic plates is often addictive to people, because it does not require any special qualifications or experience to do. However, you need to have a creative, artistic mind to fill in the empty space on the plate with vibrant colors and patterns. Children can pick up the art up quickly in their free time. Through this art one can improve patience as well as concentration which is handy for everyone. There are just a few materials needed when decorating ceramic plates.

I recommend that people try decorating a ceramic plate at least once. When you begin decorating, it will allow you to relax your mind and get away from many of the things causing you tension. You will need a few items to begin decorating. First, you have to get an unglazed ordinary ceramic plate. However, if your kid is going to decorate a ceramic plate, then you have to make sure that you are keeping an eye on your kid. You can always decorate your plates according to your kitchen color schemes and other arrangements. To decorate the plate, you have to keep some things ready. Remember to keep ceramic paints close by because they are the second most important item after the plate.

Keep a pencil or a stencil close by for drawing lines or markings. Additional things you need to decorate the plate include palettes, brushes, ceramic pens and an oven. The ceramic pens are optional. Prior to painting start by cleaning the plate and dry it, then it is time to start decorating.

Choose a design from anything you want. However, start by choosing a simple design if it is your first time. You can use the pencil to draw some rough outlines of the design on the plate. Use a stencil if you cannot draw it freehand. Take a small amount of the ceramic paint on the section of the plate you want to color. Place the colors carefully, as they may mix with one another causing problems. If you have used a pencil, then trace the paint along the pencil lines.

Begin with painting in larger areas first then move on to the smaller ones. Keep patient while painting the plate. Even a minute’s lapse of concentration can cause you problems. So avoid distractions while painting. You will need to let the paint settle down a bit and then apply another coat of paint on it. Be careful to apply the second coat only after the first coat dries.

Use a fine brush to fill in the smaller details in the plate. Another option is a ceramic pen. Once the plate is painted, the last step is to bake the plate. You have to bake the plate in the oven according to the instructions of the paint manufacturer. This is very important, any mistake while baking can destroy the plate. One additional tip, ensure that your plate is waterproof before painting otherwise the paint on the plate could wash off.


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