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Perfect laundry drying for small gardens and yards

Updated on February 22, 2015

Compact laundry drying when space is tight

Purchase this drier as a gift or as a must have for your small garden or yard.

This may sound a strange item for a gift idea but perhaps it could be your ideal next purchase; a gift for you and your home. If you have limited outside space, drying washing can be tricky. Rotary driers work well but thy take up so much garden space. Traditional washing-lines can dominate your outdoor space and make your garden of yard resemble a Chinese laundry. One of the best solutions is a wall-mounted drier.

The drying space it provides resembles that of a rotary drier but it just takes up so much less space. Situate a wall-mounted dryer carefully in order to maximize outdoor space and keep drying laundry out of sight and out of mind.

We bought the Brabantia wall-mounted drier from Amazon. It included all the bits and bobs needed to quickly and easily mount the drier on a wall. It even included a soft cover to protect the drier in bad weather and during winter.

Points to consider:

  • This dryer is at least double the price of a rotary drier
  • Shop around as prices vary
  • The more expensive model has a metal, wall-fitted cover
  • The dryer is very sturdy
  • It does come with a five-year guarantee
  • The drier is tough but we have not had it long enough to assess its longevity. We purchased around three years ago and have had no problems so far
  • Follow the instructions to make sure the drier is safe, secure and has room to open out
  • It collapses down to a non-intrusive size on the wall.
  • It does not rotate so we positioned it in a sunny spot in the garden.

Benefits of outdoor drying

Outdoor drying can be hit and miss depending on where you live.

However relying on a tumble drier to dry your laundry adds to energy bills and is not good for the environment.

You may choose to dry your laundry on radiators or in front of a fire but that has so many negatives. When it is hot who wants the heating blasting out? Damp clothes drying around the home can damage your property and your lungs. Laundry drying in front of a fire is a safety risk.

Is this compact drier worth the price?

The initial outlay is a pain but it is worth it. It neatens a garden area where laundry dries. It is non intrusive.

The downside is it does not rotate. So site the drier in an area of your garden that gets plenty of sun and a breeze.

I could get more laundry on my old rotary drier so this one will not suit a large family. But over the years I had to replace my drier many times.

Old fashioned washing lines are of course the cheapest option but they do spoil the look of a garden and prevent you enjoying the sunshine when it arrives.

Overall we rate this drier as 9/10. It will need to stand the test of time to receive full marks, but if it does not we do have a five-year guarantee which we shall use.

Outdoors of indoors

Do you dry outdoors or indoors when weather allows

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    • SweetiePie profile image


      3 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I love those things where you can hang clothes up to dry. We do not have a big enough backyard to put one out there, but I do have one in a part of the apartment that gets a lot of warm air hitting it. People always comment my shirts that are four or five years old still look nice, but that is because I wash most of my clothes in cold water, and hang these to dry. It saves on the energy bill, and makes your clothes last longer. Also, the clothes are all on hangers and I can just hang in the closet, and personally I hate folding laundry. I also find hanging up clothes and shaking these out during the drying process cuts down on the amount of ironing I have to do.


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