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Perk Up Your Home With Photos: Design Inspiration

Updated on July 8, 2016

Add a Wow factor by incorporating photos into your home décor. Home décor is more than just furniture. Add style and sophistication to your home with photos. Define rooms in your home with a stylish display of photos. Show off your family photos in a variety of frames and layouts throughout your home, in both public and private spaces. Keep experimenting with unique photo arrangements and beautiful photo frames to come up with great ideas to add sparkle and style to your home.


There are many different ways to display photos and many different styles of picture frames to fit your personality, style and home décor; from simple to over the top, from small to large. Make copies of the photographs you plan to display instead of using the originals.


Magnetic Wall

When displaying photos in a collage you can place the photos in acrylic plastic picture frames for extra protection.

Create a photo wall using a metal panel (available at hardware stores) use magnetic tape to add photos to your wall. Cover a wall in your home with your own photos for a unique display. If your refrigerator is not magnetic add a metal panel to a wall, pantry door, or basement door to display your own pictures as a collage in your kitchen.


Photo Boards

In an entryway or a hallway in your home showcase a year of photos with photo boards. Hang corkboards securely to a wall. The corkboard can be left plan or for a more finished look cover the corkboard with material or with wallpaper. Use double sided adhesive tape to place your photos on the photo wall. Place a line of photo boards on a plain long wall and display a year of photos. When the new year begins remove and add new photos throughout the year.


Fence Photo Collage

A unique piece of living room art, an undulating dune fence to place photos on. The fence is made from landscape stacks and heavy duty floral wire with sticky back Velcro to hold the pictures on the boards

DIY Beach Fence Photo Collage tutorial


Frame It

Similar frame styles are a good idea in the public areas of your home. A staircase is a favorite spot for a family gallery. On a stairway display black and white photos in the same color frames with the matte the same color. Add a quote on the wall that will enhance the viewing experience.

Mix it up. Have photos in frames of different colors and matte some of the pictures. Paint the frames the colors in your home for a cohesive look. Use similar frames and mats. They do not need to be a perfectly matched. Even with different colored frames the materials and spacing have a consistency which makes an eye pleasing arrangement.

Shop at tag or rummage sales; select a variety of frames of shapes and sizes that you like. You can paint the frames all the same color. Paint a wall one color and paint the frames a contrasting color. Paint the frames a color that will pop (does not have to be a loud color). For an elegant look paint a variety of frames with glossy white paint.


Make It Large

Have a photo transferred onto canvas to create one-of-a-kind artwork for your home. Have a professional process the photograph onto canvas to make sure it is done correctly. When using a professional to have your photograph turned into canvas artwork there will be a variety of sizes and frames to choose frame. The quality of customized canvas artwork is amazing.

Many memories can be transferred on to canvas; baby pictures, children's pictures, wedding pictures, scenic pictures, the list is endless. Canvas artwork can be black and white, color, or sepia (sort of brownish) to add charm to a room. Canvas artwork can decorate the walls of any room and will last a long time provided it is good-quality.


A Powder Room

Transform a powder room with family photographs of many generations.
A great conversation piece. The look is vintage but would work in most
powder rooms. The frames are about the size of the tile on the wall which
gives this design a continuous look.

Remember it is best to use copies of your photos in displays around your home.


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    • lethag profile image

      Letha G. 5 years ago from USA

      Thank you purl3agony glad you enjoyed the ideas. The magnetic wall is a great collage idea.

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 5 years ago from USA

      Wow! These are such cool ideas! Love the magnetic wall!