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Personal Security & Attack Alarms For Sale, Panic Alarms, Personal Protection Against Muggers

Updated on November 18, 2011

The Vicious Streets Of Modern Society

Personal security and attack alarms along with pepper and CS gas sprays have become a fashion accessory in this violent world. Never a hour goes by without someone, somewhere being assaulted, violated, or beaten for little or no apparent reason. Attacks on single woman as young as 12 years of age are on the increase in every major city. Personal alarms for woman may help prevent this from happening.

Violent assaults can cause years of mental anguish, the need for therapy, and the distrust of people resulting in broken relationships and a person becoming reclusive. This is the modern society that we live in. There are not enough police to be everywhere and the nights in shining armor are few and far between.

Self Protection

Self protection is vitally important for every member of the family. The photo above is a common problem of this violent era, and it is not getting better. Young girls are attacked walking to school, robbed of their mobile phone, school bag, or their innocence. Young ladies walking their dogs in the park are beaten for a few coins in their purse or their jewelry ripped from around their necks. Pepper sprays could deter a would be assailant.

Babies held to ransom in the middle of the street by knife-point as their petrified mother hands over cash, cards and the pin numbers. This is the daytime statistics of most major cities. This is why people need to protect themselves. This is why we need to protect the people that we love and ensure that if there ever came a time where they would need to help protect themselves, then we have given them the tools to do it with. It may save their life, not just physically, but also mentally.

Wrist Alarm

Worn like a watch, this one touch high frequency personal attack alarm is ideal for joggers and walkers. Complete with flashing indicator lights once the alarm has been sounded for location finding on dark nights. The piercing alarm will sound for 30 minutes once activated.

If a person is attacked whilst wearing this simple yet effective personal safety device. One touch and the alarm sounds with flashing lights. This will momentarily distract the attacker physically, mentally they are already searching for their escape route as the alarm will attract attention.

Available in black or pink, one size fits all, batteries supplied.

Hand Held Devices

This loud 130 db personal attack alarm with emergency location led lights can be worn loosely around the wrist. One simple tug and a shrieking alarm will sound for up to an hour. Easy battery replacement and it comes complete with batteries.

Individual attack alarms are ideal in many situations. They may cost a bit of money and hopefully will never be used. But they can save a person from some of the harsh realities that are walking the streets. Do not attempt to wear it around the neck, this provides an implement for strangulation.

Please click on the image for full selection available.

Mace Screecher Alarm Disposable

This handy little handbag or purse disposable screecher allows for up to twenty ear piercing blasts. Used directly towards an attacker, the sound will force them to cover their ears retracting from any attack. The sound will attract attention from passers by and police now listen out and respond rapidly to all types of personal attack alarms.

Martial Arts Lessons

Self Defence Classes

Self defence classes are the primary protection for any person. Attackers depend upon fright tactics to render their victims paralysed with fear. This make them easier to rob, assault or even kidnap. If a victim fights back, the shock is then turned on the attacker.

Any type of self defence training will be useful to people of every age. Martial arts, boxing, even wrestling increases muscle power. This also give a valuable lesson in close contact with another person which is necessary in self defence.

It is always advisable for a person to give a robber anything that they want, within reason. Money, jewelry or handbags can easily be replaced, lives cannot.

Personal security alarms, attack alarms, and any device for personal preservation can make excellent, if not strange gifts. It shows that you are thinking of their well-being at all times.



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