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Pet Dander Air Purifiers: 5 Features All Pet Friendly Air Purifiers Should Have

Updated on November 17, 2015

Every home that includes pets also includes pet dander, whether you’re willing to admit it or not. If you’re like most pet owners, however, there’s no way to deny that your pets shed dander that pollutes the air in your home. This dander as well as dog fur and cat hair is usually visible to everyone who enters your home.

While nothing can completely eliminate dander from your home, air purifiers can be effective for eliminating much of this smelly and unhealthy mess from your air. You must choose the right kind of pet air purifier if you want the best results, however.

Here are five features that every air purifier for pet hair and pet dander should have to be completely effective.

1. A HEPA filter

HEPA filters are best for removing particles from the air. While other filters may be able to do this, you can’t be sure your pet air purifier is removing as many particles as possible unless it uses HEPA filtration. If particles are 0.3 microns in size or larger -- and pet hair and dander is much, much larger than that -- HEPA filters can trap them.

2. Multiple filters

In addition to a HEPA filter, the best air purifiers for pet dander and hair also contain multiple layers of filtration to make sure all kinds of dirt are trapped. HEPA filters last much longer, too, if coarser filters remove some of the largest dirt particles before they get to these more expensive filters.

3. A steel case

You may not think the casing makes any difference, but plastic emits pollutants of its own when it gets warm. Choosing an air purifier with a steel case keep the air from being polluted by plastic off-gassing. With pets around, air purifiers may also get knocked over at times, and steel is much more durable than plastic.

4. A solid warranty

Air purifiers contain blower motors that run continuously, but the best air purifiers for pet hair are well made and can stand up to this constant running. Companies that makes good, solid purifiers aren’t afraid to offer generous guarantees on the units and often even the filters too.

5. No ozone emissions

While the ozone emitted by some air purifiers may not be a health risk or pose any harm to the environment, it also doesn’t do anyone any good. Ozone-emitting air purifiers don’t work well when large particles are present in the air, so they aren’t right for homes with pets anyway.

Choosing the right air purifier for your pet-friendly household means choosing one that gets out as many particles as possible and adds nothing else to the air. It also means choosing a well-made, dependable machine upon which you can depend for many years.

When you choose the right pet air purifier, you can get the air in your home clean and keep it that way.


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