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Pfaltzgraff China Stoneware Patterns Review: Naturewood, Pistoulet, Sedona, Napoli, Filigree

Updated on September 3, 2011

Pfaltzgraff Tableware

In contrast to such classic Pfaltzgraff patterns as Winterberry, Plymouth, and Tea Rose – which display floral and botanical motifs on the edges and the center of the stoneware – the collections mentioned in the title of this review focus more on geometrical patterns and abstract design. Flowers and fruits still appear and play a part, but it is the forms and the shapes, circular, rectangular, linear, or other that underly these patterns aesthetically.

Napoli, Naturewood, and Pistoulet stand out as particularly versatile: each offers over a hundred china items, including but not limited to plates and dishes, bowls and mugs, and platters and trays; the ornamentation is very flexible, separate items dispensing with the more colorful elements to render the design calmer and more appropriate for semi-formal, or even formal occasions.

Most of the patterns include flatware (knives, forks, spoons, and other types) and stemware (glasses and goblets of various kinds), and such matching accessories as flatware caddies, placemats, napkins embroidered with a matching ornament, and more.

Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Set
Pfaltzgraff Naturewood Set


  • Naturewood dinner plates comprises mostly round and square dishes with neatly organized, almost scientifically rendered representations of leaves, trees, and other botanically inspired elements. Light green and earthy beige combine well with the cream or white toned stoneware. Look out for the more elaborate, endearingly depicted farm tools and scenes.

  • Pistoulet can be seen as a riskier, more fun oriented version of Naturewood on the one hand, or, conversely, as a more quiet variation of Pfaltzgraff Villa Della Luna. Bright orange and blue shades that dominate the latter category reappear here; fluid contours – as if the china is treated like table cloths – complement the color.

  • Napoli pattern draws inspiration from hand-crafted Italian designs, the orange in particular echoing the terracota and early pottery of the penninsula's ancient civilizations. The rick-red brings to life sunny Meditteranean coasts, emanating warmth and joy. Hand painted.

  • Sedona is a pure abstract design that relished all the chaos and disorder spreading upong the surface of its plates and bowls. Influences include early abstract artists (Kandinky, Malevich), as well later ones (Rothko, Pollock).

  • Filigree provides an important purely white alternative – the embossed and scalloped texture of the edges becomes the only embellishment in this classy, quiet Pfaltzgraff pattern.


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