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Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Review: Plates, Bowls, Mugs, Glasses, Platters, Trays, Tea&Coffee Sets, Other

Updated on January 15, 2015

Pfaltzgraff Serveware

Though Pfaltzgraff manufacture an exhaustively broad range of kitchen and dinner table products – including flatware, stemware, and even linens and table cloths – it is the company's dinnerware that occupies the central place in its entire selection of products. Pfaltzgraff means stoneware and dinnerware (particularly plates, patterns, and sets that combine several matching china items) first and foremost, everything else follows as complementary to the core inventory.

When compared to such brands as Noritake or Lenox, Pfaltzgraff stands out for its relaxed, unfettered approach to design, when it comes to both the shape and the ornament of its products. While the former manufacturers often opt for the classic round plate shape, or occasionally a more contemporary square build, the brand in the title truly loves to mix it up, introducing colorful, unique decorations spreading upon original, irregular and symmetrically moulded dishes that seem to do everything they can to avoid the orthodox round and square shape.

This important quality makes Pfaltzgraff a genuine alternative to competition that prizes its traditional (particularly gold and platinum embellished) bone china: In this review we will focus on the assortment of plates, bowls&saucers, platters&trays, and coffee&tea serving sets.


This quintessential category comprises classic dinner, salad, and bread plates, followed closely by a selection of more specialized china: appetizer, luncheon, buffet, tidbit, dessert and other stoneware. Almost all of these can be purchased separately, assembled into an individualized set, or bought as a part of already existing combo sets.

Patterns (click to read dedicated reviews) include Winterberry and Tea Rose, Naturewood and Napoli, Yorktowne and Ocean Breeze, Village and Country Cupboard, and many others.

Bowls and Saucers

Bowls and saucers, irreplaceable for liquid and gravy soaked dishes, accompany the plates and offset them with taller, and usually more elaborate architecture. Pfaltzgraff offer soup, cereal, and pasta bowls, salad and server bowls, gravy boats sugar and salt types (including smaller salt and peppers shakers), and fresh fruits and vegetables bowls.

Platters and Trays

Every experiences homemaker and hostess knows that a regular dinner plate can effectively function as a platter or a tray. Yet both types of china are made as distinct products, both because they can be made slightly (but importantly) deeper, and accommodate more types of dishes, and because the variety of designs and shapes invigorates the serveware, and can actually improve and the atmosphere at the table. In particular various sculpted and irregular type of serveware pleases the eye with flowing contours.

Coffee&Tea Sets

Tea and Coffee pots give the patterns more horizontal space to spread on demonstrate details less visible on flat plate. Besides brand bestsellers (rounded, elongated, sculpted, large or small) Pfaltzgraff also market Wallace luxurious silver plated hollowware, and Sasaki and Mikasa minimalist and contemporary hot drink pots.


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