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Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Stoneware Patterns Review: Village, Cappuccino, Patio, Country, Rio

Updated on March 16, 2011

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware

In previous reviews we discussed Pfaltzgraff festive and seasonal china (Winterberry, Teas Rose, Plymouth), the more bright and colorful range of stoneware (Naturewood, Sedona, Napoli), and various classic and abstract contemporary patterns (Blue Series, Ocean Breeze, Yorktowne).

In this article the focus is back to the brand's country and rural inspired ornaments – going back to Pfaltzgraff rustic roots, where simplicity and clean compositions determine the visual aesthetic of the plates, bowls, platters, mugs and other dinnerware.

White, earthy beige, and off-white tones – the natural colors of stoneware – become the primary palette range, while soft, pastel blue, brown, and green compliment the overall design. Resulting layouts project a quality that's so important to capture and keep inside a household: a sense of innate comfort and security.

While Noritake, Lenox, and Mikasa demonstrate that this especially sought for, yet elusive "home sweet home” characteristic can be achieved by banding the dinnerware with platinum and gold (inevitably raising the prices), Pfaltzgraff effectively prove that clever and use of color can attain the same result, keeping the prices considerably affordable.

Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden Set
Pfaltzgraff Patio Garden Set


  • Village pattern replicates the décor of such patterns as Yorktowne and Folk Art – but using earthy brown and beige color instead of the blue. Stylized flowers and garden and forest animals, depicted with a touch of heraldic influence, convey warmth and understated contentment.

  • Cappuccino again combines white with light beige, using textured, grooved edges to intersperse and enliven the colors. The architectural wave-like plate design reappears on the mugs and bowls before being transferred visually to the glasses.

  • Country Cupboard presents a classic decorative pattern, where vines entwine freely on the edges – echoing oriental Persian carpet design. Unlike rugs, however, Country Cupboard is a pure white stoneware collection. Besides plates includes bowls, creamers, platters, and other types of china.

  • Patio Garden carefully juxtaposes soft blue and green shades as a background for white florals and blossoms. One of Pfaltzgraff's most relaxing, visually smooth patterns. Pfaltzgraff incorporate a band of copper in this one.

  • Rio approaches the Blue series (Blue Pointe, J-Class, and even Ocean Breeze) in conception, allowing the color's natural richness to dictate the mood. Shades include purple and sky, giving the plates a darker or lighter appearance respectively.


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