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Pfaltzgraff Dishes and Plates Review: Dinner, Salad, Star, Appetizer, Bread, Other

Updated on January 6, 2015

Pfaltzgraff Plates

Plates constitute the cornerstone of Pfaltzgraff stoneware selection: over five hundred dishes of various sizes, forms, patterns, and purposes, the vast majority of which can be purchased either separately – as a way to complete an existing collection – or as a part of a set.

The classic round shape is by far the most common, though Pfaltzgraff notoriously mould their china in square, oval, and more elaborate shapes. What gives this veteran American brand a genuine advantage over competition (such names as Noritake, Lenox, and Mikasa) is the assortment of plates designed with complex contours, where the edges curve and describe interesting knots and templates instead of simply completing a circle. Always symmetrical, these scrolls lend the china an effect of fluidity and softness that projects on the overall atmosphere in the kitchen and dining room.


Pfaltzgraff draw ideas both from tradition and recent trends when painting and decorating their plates. Traditional patterns feature classic compositions where solid color is bordered by neatly embellished edges (bands, floral, geometrical layouts); transitional rely on the same aesthetic, yet make several bold steps to break the strictness, and inject the dinnerware with a more relaxed visual character.

Pfaltzgraff Appetizer Plate
Pfaltzgraff Appetizer Plate

Winterberry and Tea Rose

Country patterns – often the highlight of the brand's design – display colorfully painted animals (farm or otherwise) revealing a lot of detail and movement. These occasionally appear wild and almost unbridled, clearly a tribute to the early spirit of American expansion to the west – and bound to become children's favorites. Summer Breeze and Evening Sun.

Contemporary patterns draw inspiration from abstract and geometrical designs, splashing color and shuffling lines and geometrical forms in unpredictable, often quite comical, and always interesting configurations. Sedona and Pistoulet.


Dinner, salad, and bread plates comprise the most commonly used dishes during regular and holiday celebration meals. Additional stoneware include star shaped appetizer plates, various tidbit and dessert china (differently separated or segmented), which in effect functions as semi-trays and platters.


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