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Pfaltzgraff Flatware, Silverware Review: Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver Knives, Forks, Spoons, Pieces

Updated on May 31, 2013

Pfaltzgraff Flatware

Pfaltzgraff flatware department divides into two main categories: one that includes knives, forks, and spoons that the brand manufactures in its own factories, and another that markets silverware made by other companies: Wallace, Towle, Tuttle, Mikasa, and International Silver – all familiar, iconic names in the dinnerware industry.

Pfaltzgraff own trademark patterns correspond in style and design with the stoneware collections: preference for simplicity over complication, solid stainless steel flatware that incorporates contemporary materials, plastic among them, for decorative purposes in the handles. Winterberry, Cappuccino, Salisbury are among the most popular titles, many of which echo original Oneida's style – traditional, transitional, and contemporary.

Such brands as Wallace and Towle are principally different: employing almost exclusively precious sterling silver (complementing it with gold and mother-of-pearl), they opt for intricate and artistic patterns that revel in sophistication and detail.

Notably, however, Pfaltzgraff carefully choose the more reserved and orthodox silverware these companies offer – such high-end, luxury collections as gold accented Wallace Grand Baroque and Rose Point remain the crown jewels of the original manufacturer. It's obvious that Pfaltzgraff aim to market only such flatware that accords well with its own unique aesthetic.

Pfaltzgraff Simplicity Flatware
Pfaltzgraff Simplicity Flatware

Silverware Brands

  • Wallace (Pompeii, Arlington, Dorsey, Barocco, Venezia, Giorgio, other): a short for Wallace Silversmith, is an American company of almost two hundred years, is nearly as veteran as Pfaltzgraff. Focus traditionally remains on sterling silver and luxury gold plated luxury and heirloom silverware.

  • Towle (Chantel, Voile, Embassy, Luxor, Living Basic) is another high-end brand established in New Hampshire in the middle of the 19th century. Often draws inspiration from ancient symbols and artistic traditions (Celtic, English, Baroque); routinely combines sterling silver with gold accents.

  • Tuttle (Pantheon, Triumph, Trianon): a smaller brand and a subsidiary of Wallace, offers elegantly built, formal and semi-formal flatware.

  • International Silver (Danford, Frost, Simplicity, Prelude, Joan of Arc, Royal Danish) stands out as versatile silverware brand that emulates the decorative style of Oneida.


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