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Pfaltzgraff Winterberry, Tea-Rose, Plymouth, Folk Art, Villa Luna Dinnerware Patterns Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Pfaltzgraff Collections

Probably the most fun part in Pfaltzgraff shopping is choosing the patterns. A selection of over one hundred and fifty collections describes a very broad arch of tastes and styles, from orthodox and traditional, to transitional and country, and contemporary and abstract. In this review we would like to draw your attention to some of the brand's most popular designs – bestsellers that have captured the hearts and minds of many homemakers during the last several decades.

The first three feature classic china layouts: white or cream colored stoneware, with floral and botanical inspired motifs on the edges – all painted with reserve and softness as to leave most of the space clear for the dishes served on the plates to please the eye. In other words, decoration becomes a secondary element that quietly supports the overall visual atmosphere rather than actively creating it.

The last two patterns clearly change strategies to a more active, colorful design, allowing the patterns to play central roles. The verve and the powerful movement of the leaves and the lines upon the center and the edges can serve to invigorate the meal, the diners, even the entire setting. Folk Art collection goes further and adds and oriental touch by displaying a palette echoing blue and white porcelain once manufactured in ancient China.

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Teapot
Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Teapot


  • Winterberry is a winter (and Christmas) pattern: slender green stokes and leaves dance upon the snow white stoneware plates and bowls, red holly berries offsetting the picture with accents of bright red color. A Pfaltzgraff classic.

  • Tea Rose represents summer and spring by softening the clear white with a touch of beige or cream, and covering the surface with gently colored blue and pink flowers (roses). Scalloped edges lend the china a textural variety.

  • Plymouth reflects autumn: base tone changes to more earthy, darker tint, while the light shades of the summer florals give way to rich, saturated greens, orange and yellows of harvest time. Fruits, vegetables, and leaves before fall becomes primary visual motifs.

  • Villa Della Luna is a universal pattern that relishes color, providing plenty of it in whirling oriental (influenced by Persian rug designs) scrolls and vines. Deep orange and blue generate powerful contrast – this is a very dominating design, and needs to be used with caution.

  • Folk Art Pfaltzgraff china calms things down by shifting the ornament from the edges to the center and focusing on the classic blue and white palette – inspire by the same country that gave the products their name.


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