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Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne, Evening Sun, Ocean Breeze, Blue Stoneware Dinnerware Review

Updated on January 15, 2015

Pfaltzgraff Earthenware

With the exception of the fiery Evening Sun pattern, this review focuses on a range of Pfaltzgraff blue collections: plates, bowls, platters, and other types of china that feature the blue color in one way or another. The selection in the title encompasses the brand's entire stylistic range, starting with classic, traditionally hand painted blue-and-white like china reminiscent of the ancient oriental ornamentation, and ending with transitional (floral and botanical motifs) and contemporary abstract designs.

The titles Pfaltzgraff chose for such stoneware patterns as Evening Sun, Summer Breeze, and Ocean Breeze is not incidental. All three aim to capture the essence of the weather and daily phenomena described in their names whilw relying solely on a visual representation. The evocative movement of the sunflower, the soft, warm yellow tones of the summer air – they all seem to come alive on these plates and dishes.

The more contemporary blue series (Blue Ridge, Pointe, J-Class, and others) opt for more abstract compositions, breaking with figurative design in favor of geometrical and paint based layouts.

Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Sugar Bowl and Creamer
Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Sugar Bowl and Creamer


  • Yorktowne the sister collection of Folk Art: featuring a very similar style, it differs notably from the latter in the more elegant white tint of the china itself; Folk Art line clearly aims to reproduce the more earthy, darker tinted pottery products manufactured by Pfaltzgraff centuries ago.

  • Evening Sun is so reddishly bright, it literally seems to have captured a piece of descending evening sun within the plates. Yellow, orange, and green colors complement the pattern, available in round or square dishes, as well as various bowls, mugs, and other dinnerware.

  • Summer and Ocean Breeze exploit the inherent soothing qualities of pastel blues and greens, the former exhibiting different botanical ornamentations (classic border ribbons), the latter opting for a semi-formal classic border embellishment.

  • Blue (Pointe, Ridge, Meadow, J-Class) further explores the visual effects of the blue color, presented in varying tints, and palette configurations. An important segement in Pfaltzgraff contemporary dinnerware.


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