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Phoenix Apartments and House Rentals

Updated on December 31, 2012
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If you are relocating to Phoenix Arizona but not ready to buy a house yet, renting an apartment or a house would be the only option unless you are willing to pay more staying at a hotel or crash with your relatives or friends. Rent in Phoenix is very cheap when compared to the San Francisco bay area. There are lots of options for renters, such as single family houses and multi-plex units. Just like everywhere else, the rent is different based upon the location and the size of the living space. When you've found the place you like, there are certain documents you need to provide. The process of renting a place including a credit check, deposit, pet deposit if you have a pet and first month's rent.

Important Things to know when Renting in Phoenix

Phoenix has a subtropical desert climate. It is very hot in summer and warm in winter. Therefore you should consider these features (amenities) when you're looking for in a rental property in Phoenix:

Tile flooring instead of carpet - Avoid floors with carpet which can trap the heat and make it hotter during summer. Tile can diffuse heat a lot faster and you might not need to turn on your air conditioning more often which could help lower your electricity bill. If you find tile flooring is too cold for winter, buy some rugs to cover places like near your bed or sofa where you would stay most of the time. So that you can easily remove them during summer.

Shady landscape - If the rental property is surrounded by a lot of trees which can help to shade your place from the sun, you will have a more comfortable and cooler place to enjoy outdoor activities by your home. The shade from the trees can also keep your house cooler and that could help lower your electricity bill as well.

Swimming Pool - It would be even cooler if there is a swimming pool within the property as long as you don't mind doing the maintenance. It would be a cool way to relax after a long day by staying in the water during the long and hot days of the summer.

Pest - Ask the landlord if there were any pest incidence in the past. How does your landlord handle the pest issue should it ever occurs. Will the landlord pay for it? It can costs hundreds of dollars to get a exterminator to get rid of the pest, so it is very important to discuss this matter with your potential landlord before signing a lease agreement.

Utilities - Does the rent including the utilities? Sometimes landlord might pay for part of the utilities such as water and garbage and let the tenant to handle the electricity bill.

City tax - Ask the landlord whether the rent is including the city tax because often landlords would require their tenants to pay the city tax.

Other Things You Need to Know About Renting

Your qualifications: Don't expect the owner will rent you the place once you apply. you need to show proof of income and references from your previous landlord(s).

Multiple applications: Try to submit your rental applications to more than one property because there might be other people who have better qualifications than you do.

Majority of the residents in Phoenix are renters. There are a lot of apartments and multiplex that offer affordable rent. With the given market at this time, it is still the renters' market.


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