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Piazza Stovetop Espresso Maker

Updated on April 30, 2010

The truly unique, one of a kind Piazza brewing system provides an additional hit of rich delicious flavor than ever before from any brewed beverage including tea, hot chocolate, and of course, that maroon elixir of the Gods themselves, coffee. These extremely attractive stovetop pots feature a specially designed and engineered piston within the internal structure which is specifically designed to securely hold your coffee grounds or any type of loose tea leaves.

This piston is forced upward as the hot steam begins to be generated within the lower brewing chamber. The very hot water's flow is directed through the piston as that part rises upwards, infusing the tea or coffee contained within with the perfect temperature of liquid. The internal piston undergoes its rising action it also acts to compress the tea or coffee so you receive the deepest, richest, and most aromatic flavour available from the relatively small amount you require in order to brew your beverage the way you like it best.

This magnificent and elite brewing systems is housed in a unique, striking, and fully original Kontessa design from famous designer Vev Vigano. The internal parts of this exhilarating top quality brewing system have been constructed, designed, and installed by Piazza Espresso, and Vev Vigano has supplied the housing for these Stovetop Espresso Makers from their elegant and renowned Kontessa line. The synthesis of the two makes for an irresistible brewing system that is the ultimate expression of the type!

The Piazza Stovetop Espresso Makers is not only durable but remarkably alluring as well. The Piazza's outer shell is engineered from top quality nearly flawless 18/10 stainless steel and is complemented in an extremely elegant fashion by sturdy brass handles that stay "always cool" and remarkably have been meticulously finished in completely pure twenty-four karat gold. These enticing and wondrous machines are available in 4 sizes: Piazza 150 (8-cup), Piazza 80 (6-cup), Piazza 50 (4-cup), and Piazza Mini (2-cup). Of course a fully detailed owner's manual is included with all the instructions you will need to brew spectacular, delectable, and unforgettable hot beverages.

Piazza Serving Tray

This 19" rectangular tray is the perfect way to showcase your Piazza Stovetop Espresso Maker and the lively brew it produces. Its ample size provides plenty of room for your Espresso Maker, a sugar bowl, creamer, and several cups and saucers. On top of its beautiful stainless steel construction, the tray also features a gold-painted abstract butterfly design and brass handles that have been covered with a twenty-four karat gold finish, making this tray a statement in and of itself.

Piazza Sugar Bowl

This sugar bowl has the same refined style as the Piazza Stovetop Espresso Makers. Accenting its stainless steel housing is a trademark brass handle that has been beautifully finished in twenty-four karat gold. Piazza's sugar bowl also has a hinged dome lid with a cutout on the side for a spoon handle. You can choose from either large or small.

Piazza Creamer

With its stainless steel housing and twenty-four karat gold finished handle, this creamer looks like a miniaturized version of Piazza's popular stovetop espresso maker. The creamer also features a pointed spout for perfect pouring every time.


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    • Doubledroy profile image

      Doubledroy 7 years ago from Indianapolis

      Piazza products are very good and durable. Nice review.