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Picking the Right garage Door

Updated on March 11, 2015

Choosing a garage door sounds pretty simple? In reality it is simple, you just need to know how and why to choose one. There are so many different elements that should factor your decision. Just to point out a few: security, durability and beauty. Being one of the primary entrance points to your home it is so important that it operates to its correct function and also is safe and secure.

Different styles and materials should affect your decision on a garage door as they all have their different pros and cons. Picking the door for you and your home will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home and also make it safer and more functional.


Garage doors are best built in cooperation with the rest of your house. You want the garage door to match your overall theme and not look out of place. Having a garage door that looks as though it has just randomly been placed onto a house will degrade the houses visual appearance.

Be sure when considering what type of garage door to decide on that you weigh up all options as picking a garage door solely based on one consideration will not end well. Considerations everyone should consider are materials, styles and functionality.



Matching your garage door materials to the theme of your house will be greatly visually appealing. You need to make sure the materials you select will provide the right balance of cost effectiveness and a long lifetime. There a numerous amounts of materials you can select when creating a garage door. Each has their own pros and cons.

Certain materials you can consider are:

  • Aluminium: The benefits include - various styles, minimal maintenance, rustproof & easier to operate.
    One con is that it is severely less durable than other materials.
  • Steel: Benefits include – amazing modern styles, colours, finishes and sturdier.
    Some cons include – can rust, scratch, high costs & dent rather easily.
  • Timber: Pros – available for custom design, visually appealing at a lower cost.
    Cons- requires frequent maintenance.
  • PVC/Fibreglass overlay: Pros – wide range of styles, designs and durability.
    Cons – limited availability and generally more pricey.

Of course the materials come down to your personal preference as it is up to you to determine which factors you find important.



Selecting a style of garage door should be heavily influenced by the architecture of your home and the era in which it was made. New homes should go for more contemporary garage doors while older homes may want to go for the vintage look.

Certain styles you can select for your house include:

  • Georgian/Victorian/Colonial
  • Edwardian/ Arts and Crafts
  • Ranch Style
  • Modern Contemporary

All these have their pros and cons; it is worth checking out existing companies or even just going for a drive around your favourite neighborhoods!



Garage doors not only need to look the part but they must also fulfill certain features and roles. Your garage door can be one of the main entry points in to your house, without a decent functional ability your day to day actions can be interrupted and slowed down. Garage doors also provide protection for the house. Being a main entry point they need to be secure and sturdy. Some functional features to consider when choosing what kind of garage door to side with are:

  • Insulation: This is a great way to protect your house against the weather. It provides warmth during the cooler months which can save you money.
  • Safety: Ensure your garage door in installed correctly and have finger guards and automatic retractions.
  • Security: There are door now that can be operated based on keypads so that your children can operate them without keys. Also they are becoming less handle orientated so thieves are unable to force the door up.
  • Ease of use: Having a garage door that is easy to operate will enhance your daily routines, making day to day tasks just that bit easier.

There are loads of styles of garage doors out there! I hope you find the right one for you. Picking one simply comes down to your needs and desires. Find out what best suites your family and your home so that the right decision can be made!

Feel free to leave some comments and even post some pictures of your garage door set up!

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