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Pillow Pets As Seen On TV

Updated on July 27, 2010

Pillow Pets Animal Shaped PIllows

When I saw the infomercial for Pillow Pets I honestly did not see what the big deal was about them, but then again I am not a little kid.  When I really thought about what is important to a kid, memory foam pillows and side sleeping pillows probably aren't the most important thing when they think about sleeping or what type of pillow they should have on their bed for posture and support.  Instead kids go for what looks cool or what their friends have or for their favorite sports teams.  That is why when I thought about pillow pets from a kids stand point I saw why these could take off for kids. 

What are Pillow Pets?

Pillow Pets are animal shaped pillows that also become a toy and your kids best friend.  Pillow Pets have a strap or band that goes across the stomach of the pillow animal.  When the strap is connected holding it in a loop it bends the pillow pet so that it looks like it has four legs making it more like a stuffed animal instead of just a boring pillow with an animal head.  Then when it is time to go to bed you can unstrap the pillow pet and all of the sudden your child's favorite stuffed animal becomes their favorite pillow and something that they will feel comfortable and safe sleeping on.  They can get to sleep on their pillow and also see their favorite stuffed animal when they go to bed and wake up.  PIllow Pets are actually a pretty cool way for your kids to have a favorite toy and to get excited about going to bed so you don't have to fight them to lay down and go to sleep since their favorite toy is also their favorite pillow. 

What shapes or animal pillows are there? 

There are a ton of types of animal pillows that you can buy for your kids.  You can buy the Bumble Bee Pillow Pet, the Pink Sheep Pillow Pet, The Panda Bear, The Brown Dog, The Purple Unicorn Pillow Pet, The Green Turtle Pillow Pet, The Penguin Pillow Pet, a Dolphin, a Monkey and a Frog Pillow Pet. 

What can you use Pillow Pets for? 

The most obvious use for Pillow Pets Animal Shaped PIllows are sleeping and playing with.  However pillow pets are also great for your kids when you have to travel since they can use them to sleep in the car and to play with in the car so they don't yell and scream.  You can put your kid's pajamas in your pillow pet when they go to a sleep over party or even just visit their favorite family member.  They can become your child's favorite over night bag as well as help keep them from getting homesick since they'll have something from home and their favorite friend and pillow to sleep with. 

Pillow Pets are actually an awesome idea and I think that kids will absolutely love to get to sleep and play with Pillow Pets.  Perfect for camp or for home, for travel and for overnight trips, your Pillow Pet is the perfect pillow and pet for your kids. 


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