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Pine Wardrobes

Updated on May 8, 2011

If you are the owner of a miniature size bedroom then you’re probably in desperate need of storage space. This can create somewhat of a dilemma because options can be very limited. For those who may not be aware but miniature size pine wardrobes could come in very handy for this situation. It is very flexible and can usually be modified to fit just virtually any sort of bedroom, making it perfect for providing someone quite a bit of storage space in the smallest of rooms. What makes pine wardrobes the best options for this situation?

The answer to the question above lies deeply within the weight of the wood. Pine is very lightweight wood which makes it perfect for manoeuvrability. Not to mention, its colour is light and if properly taken care of, the natural appearance of it can be retained for years and it will prove to be a welcoming addition to a room which needs a lighter and loftier appearance. Pine is a very unique type of wood in the since that it can be easily fashioned to take on an appearance of its own. From experience, you will find that it takes a stain, varnish or lacquer fairly well, giving furniture that fine modern-looking manifestation. As mentioned, it is very unique and nothing is more evident of this on account of the visible grain and knots you will find in pine wood.

From an environmentally friendly perspective, pine is a wood supplied from plantation forests which are consistently being renewed. Even some of the most elegant furniture comes from wood that had been sourced from plantation forests. So by going with something which was crafted from pine you could very well be helping to reduce the demand on wood sourced from dwindling forests.

Because pine is easily farmed it is quite common to find cheap pine wardrobes. A cheap pine wardrobe however, does not mean low quality. The only reason why it is lower in price is because the wood in commonly available and easy to work with. Sometimes though, cheaper pine wardrobes are made with parts that are not all pine. You want to find a solid pine wardrobe and avoid composite materials. Solid pine wardrobes are just better quality and worth the extra couple of dollars. On the other hand an antique pine wardrobe can be very expensive. These often are handcrafted right down to the cutting of the trees.

The point of the matter is that there a number of good reason why someone could choose to go with pine wardrobes as a means of storage for a small bedroom. The wood is extremely versatile which subsequently means that anyone could put in a little bit more work into it and design themselves something extravagant like rustic pine wardrobes which could bring life to a dead room.

Once you've decided that a pine wardrobe is the right option for you and your room, next you will have to try to decide from the many options available to you!


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