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Pine Writing Desks

Updated on February 25, 2010

Introduction to Pine Writing Desks

Pine writing desks are popular pieces of office furniture that are becoming increasingly in demand pieces of furniture because of the particular niche that they can fill in the office furniture market place. These desks tend to be inexpensive compared to other true wood desks while still holding up far better than many fiberboard desks that have paneling. This combination of solid wood construction, while maintaining a lower price than most other wood desks, is part of the reason that pine continues to grow in popularity.  These office desks are happy mediums behind cheap and well built.  These writing desks, as well as pine wood computer desks, are a popular budget choice for this and many more reasons.

Pine Desk Photos

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One example of good pine furniture.Decorated antique pine wood writing desk.Office with impressive pine office desk set up.Artistic pine wood desk.
One example of good pine furniture.
One example of good pine furniture.
Decorated antique pine wood writing desk.
Decorated antique pine wood writing desk.
Office with impressive pine office desk set up.
Office with impressive pine office desk set up.
Artistic pine wood desk.
Artistic pine wood desk.

Pros of Pine Office Desks

Pine office desks have several positive points that make them attractive to potential consumers.  As with any other piece of office furniture, you need to analyze both the pros and cons before making a purchase of any kind.  While many people think that pine writing desks are only cheap excuses for office furniture.  However, there are many positives that come along with pine office furniture.  Here is just a short list of reasons why for some offices, pine furniture could be a good choice:

  • Pine is an inexpensive wood, so if you want real wood office furniture but you're on a budget then pine could be a good choice.
  • Pine wood is going to be more solid than any fiberboard or equivalent cheap wood substitute.
  • Pine writing desks can be made into beautiful aesthetic works that can compete with oak, walnut, or even cherry equivalents.
  • These wood desks are often lighter than desks made of other types of wood.

There are many other pros to buying pine wood desks as opposed to their alternatives.

Negatives of Pine Writing Desks

While there are several positives that go with choosing a pine writing desk over another type.  But as with any other type of furniture, there are also some negatives that can come with choosing pine office furniture over other types.  In the interest of fairness, I'm also going to mention some of the possible negatives of choosing solid pine office desks over other types of desks.  Some of these possible negatives include:

  • Aesthetic choices.  While there are some very good looking pine desks, in general pine desks will not appear nearly as good as desks made from darker wood, or possibly even dark wood panel.
  • Weaker than other wood desks.  A true pine wood desk is going to be stronger than desks that use fake wood, fiberboard, or other cruddy substitutes, but they are still going to be slightly less durable than oak or walnut.
  • Termites.  This isn't a likely problem ever, but in the off chance there is an infestation, any wood desk is going to have a problem while the fake stuff won't.

Those are just a few of the potential disadvantages of choosing a pine desk over a different type of wood.

Final Word on Pine Desks

So what's the final word on pine writing desks, or on solid pine office furniture?  There is no definitive final word because each individual consumer has different specific needs.  For some people, pine office furniture is a great potential solution to their office needs.  Other consumers, however, might need something a little different.  Each and every specific office and buyer will need a desk that meets their individual needs and aesthetic preferences.  For some people this will mean solid pine furniture, for others, this might not be the best option.  Still, there are enough positives that good pine writing desks should be given their fair shake.

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