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Pink Kitchen Appliances - Vintage Pink Appliances, Pink Toasters, Pink Blenders and More!

Updated on July 31, 2011

Nothing can add a softer or more romantic touch to your kitchen than the color of pink.

With so many people going retro, manufacturers have jumped on the retro band wagon as well and have made many of their top appliances in this soft and once again popular color.

Pink Kitchen appliances stand out and can turn any kitchen that might have been a little laid back and boring into spectacular!

Here are just a few pink kitchen appliances you can find to add a soft romantic touch to your kitchen décor:

  • Pink Blenders
  • Pink Coffee Makers
  • Pink Can Openers
  • Pink Hand Mixers
  • Pink Rice Cookers
  • Pink Kettles
  • Pink Teapots
  • Pink Toasters
  • Pink Food Processors and Food Choppers
  • Pink Kitchen Accessories

Read on to discover the huge variety of pink kitchen appliances and pink kitchen accessories that are available. Find out where you can find them and the approximate cost of each.

Pink Appliances - Pink Blenders

While there may not be a huge selection of pink blenders, the ones that are available are some of the best.

Kitchenaid has two top quality 5 speed blenders available in pretty pink and Cuisinart has a more affordable 7 speed blender.

Any of the three would look great on your counter top and will help greatly in bringing your pink kitchen decor together.

Pink Appliances - Pink Toasters

There are three quality manufacturers of pink toasters.

Kitchenaid, Cuisinart and Dualit all make toasters in pretty pink.

While Kitchenaid only offers a 2 slice toaster, both Dualit and Cusinart each gives you the choice between a two slice toaster or a 4 slice toaster.

Any of these toasters will also look great on a counter top, kitchen shelf or bakers rack to bring your romantic pink kitchen to life.

Pink Applicances - Pink Coffee Makers

A pink coffee maker is another great eye-catching pink appliance that will look awesome displayed on your counter top.

Cuisinart offers both a 4 cup coffeemaker as well as a 12 cup maker.

Other coffee making options include:

  • Timolino 17 ounce Travette coffee and tea maker
  • Typhoon Vintage Pink 6 cup Espresso Maker
  • LaCafetiere Rainbow 8 Cup Coffee Press
  • Planetary Design Double Shot Travel French Mug

Pink Appliances - Pink Kettles

Bring some pink over to your stove area with a great pink tea kettle.

There are three options to choose from:

  • Oggi Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle
  • Calypso 2-2 Quart Enamel on Steel Whistling Tea Kettle
  • blinQ Stainless Steel 2.5 Quart Kettle

Any of these three can help bring your vintage pink kitchen to life and are very practical as well as decorative.

Pink Appliances - Pink Teapot

Teapots are not only practical but they also look great as décor.

Display one of these pretty teapots on a kitchen counter or as a centerpiece on your kitchen table with cups to help bring your color pink to the center of the room.

Teapots also look great displayed out on shelves or baker racks.

Pink Appliances - Pink Televisions

For those who enjoy watching television while cooking or eating, these pink televisions will fit into your kitchen perfectly.

These televisions range from 19" to 32" and will blend in wonderfully with the rest of your pink kitchen décor and pink appliances.

Most of these are flat screen options and would look great displayed on a kitchen wall, which will again bring more pink into your room and will look almost as if it were a picture

Pink Appliances - Pink Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are extremely handy tools to have around the house.

Not only do they cook rice as their name implies, but they also are great for steaming vegetables, fish, meat, poultry and are also great for making stews and soups

When purchased in this pretty pink color, you can keep it on the counter for easy access and have it blend in with your other pink appliances.

Pink Appliances - Pink Mixers

There are two different options when it comes to pink mixers.

You can purchase one of two hand mixers, or go with the larger 5 quart stand mixer which is perfect for occasions when you do heavy baking.

The larger mixer is also a pink appliance that looks great when on display. Brightens up counter tops, kitchen shelves and bakers racks with its large pink and silver exterior.

Pink Appliances - Pink Choppers and Food Processors

Food choppers and food processors are also handy tools to have in your kitchen to make cooking tasks easier.

These appliances also come in a pretty pink color which would look great on display.

If you happen to have any glass or see-through cabinets, this is one of those items that you can put away when not in use, but still adds to the overall pink highlighted effect.

Pink Kitchen Accessories

Just as there is a great variety for Pink Kitchen Appliances, there is also a great variety of choices for Pink Kitchen Accessories (actually too many to go into detail here).

Here is just a sample of the Pink Kitchen Accessories you can purchase to help bring your kitchen to life. Simply click on the link below to find out more.

  • Pink Kitchen Timer
  • Pink Measuring Cups
  • Pink Peeler
  • Pink Place Mats
  • Pink Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Pink Spoon Rest
  • Pink Utensils
  • Pink Utensil Holder
  • Pink Vases
  • Pink Whisk

  • Pink Burner Covers
  • Pink Canisters
  • Pink Coasters
  • Pink Colander
  • Pink Dinnerware
  • Pink Flatware
  • Pink Fruit Slicer
  • Pink Ice Cream Scoop
  • Pink Ice Cream Maker
  • Pink Juicer
  • Pink Kitchen Rugs

To see more of these items, please visit Pink Kitchen Accessories.


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