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Pink Gingham Bedskirt

Updated on March 21, 2011

Why Choose a Pink Gingham Bedskirt

A pink gingham bedskirt can be the perfect compliment for a young woman's or adults bedroom. Gingham is a checked pattern commonly made from cotton or polyester blends. A pink gingham print is normally pink and white but it can also be found in any other color.

Have you been searching for a way to add the color pink to a girls bedroom but do not want to overpower the room? Well if so, than a pink gingham bedskirt may just be what you are looking for. Using this you will be able to add pink but not over power the bedroom like pink sheets or a pink comforter could. Since gingham is two colored checked pattern the offsetting color will soften the pink in the bedskirt.

A gingham bedskirt in pink is the most common gingham bedskirt color. It can be in other colors and these maybe more appropriate for a boys room or a unisex bedroom than pink.

Why Use a Bedskirt

You may be wondering why use a bedskirt anyways? If you do not have a bed frame that has bottom draws or a platform bed than you will likely want to use a bedskirt.

The main use of a bedskirt is to make the area under the bed looks nice. A bedskirt will make a hiding place for items that you want to keep nearby, but do not use all the time. The bedskirt can also hide dust and grime that tends to accumulate under bedding.

While there are many different types of bedskirts to purchase if you are looking to add a touch of pink to the bedroom, a pink gingham bedskirt maybe just what your bedroom could use.

Pink gingham bedskirts can be found at most specialty bedding stores. If you have no luck shopping in store you can try eBay online.

pink gingham bedskirt
pink gingham bedskirt


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