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Add a Subtle Touch of Pink to Any Bedroom with a Pink Gingham Comforter

Updated on October 1, 2010

Decorate a Nursery with a Pink Gingham Comforter

A pink gingham comforter can look good in any girls bedroom no matter their age. However pink gingham comforters can can keep the classic pink look for a baby girls nursery but also add a little more style than the solid pink colored bedding.

Gingham is a checked two color fabric, for nursery bedding the most common colors are pink and white for a girls nursery and blue and white for a boys nursery. Now we all know that commonly girls nurseries are pink, but if you want to add a bit more style consider pink gingham bedding and comforters.

With pink and white gingham you will still get the classic pink look but the white in the ckecked pattern will help break up the solid pink. Pink and white gingham print in the sheets will also give you more options when decorating the rest of the room, because you you can work more freely decorating with more colors and patterns.

More Tips to the Perfect Bedroom

If you have decided to use a pink gingham comforter in your own bedroom, this part of this hub is meant to help you get the best look for your bedroom. After you have chosen the comforter you will want to get matching sheets and pillow cases, also consider shams if you can afford them. Using a color from the gingham comforter for the sheet color is your best option this way it is sure to match.

In some stores you can find what is called a bed in a bag. With a bed in a bag your whole bedding set will be pre-matched, this is good if you want to save time and be sure that the bedding matches.

Gingham print is easy to work with and will match most existing room themes. What you do want to stay away from however is using other prints and patterns in the bedroom. For the best look stick to solid colors on other fabrics that can be found in the gingham bedding.

Pink gingham comforters can be found at low prices on eBay.

pink gingham comforter
pink gingham comforter


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