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Pink Perky Bedroom Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Color Pink

Pink is an unconventional décor color. Exactly for that reason, it's the more fun to decorate with and simply look at. Try to remember where you usually see pink -- in children's rooms, accessories and clothing -- rarely in an adult environment. It carries the connotation of an unserious , childish color, and that, I think, is an unfortunate prejudice. The upside of such prejudices is that they allow home decorators to appear as risk-takers simply by choosing pink wall art. Now how treacherous is that.

A big blot of pink in a bedroom or a living room can easily elicit a smile from a visitor -- not to speak of yourself -- and set the tone of an entire conversation. There are, however, pink works of art that will make that visitor think. Often artists use pink for ironic effect: they offset the color with hard work, with a miserable economic or psychological situation, emphasizing the suffering by way of contrast. This is exactly what you could and should be doing -- accentuate your seriousness by the seemingly light and harmless hue.

Pablo Picasso -- Rose Period

Picasso's Rose Period was a stretch of two or three years that followed the gloomy Blue Period and marked a positive change in the artist's life. Things began looking more rosy -- he was in a rewarding relationship and some of the emotional burden of losing a close friend started to melt away. But that not to say that these are happy gleeful paintings. On the contrary, they are more mature and balanced -- they show experience, wisdom and the ability to cope with life. And, despite being contemplative, they retain that youthful delicacy that defined the Blue Period.

Wassily Kandinsky

Kandinsky, one of the founders of abstract art, thought that colors have a secret life of their own. Something is always happening in his paintings -- something starts or ends, accelerates or decelerates. He rarely gave precedence to just one color; his pink-titled works are not pink at all, they are mostly yellow, or black. Yet the color pink dominates them with curious rebelliousness, sharpening the contrasts and shaking and twisting before our eyes. The paradoxical thing about Kandinsky's art is that it is easy to ignore. It is as unobtrusive as it is entertaining.

Andy Warhol

Although made into a cliché by overexposure, Warhol's stuff is still strikingly original. I think people hesitate calling him a "genius" because there was little that he actually "did" -- he took things and turned them upside down by adding color, or more things. But he was a true post-war visual artist, who understood what kind of art people needed. People were swamped with ready-made objects, and he gave them that, only more beautiful.


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