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Pink and Green Bedding

Updated on March 16, 2011

Pink and Green Bedding for Decorating a Girl's Room

With so many color combination's to design a young girl's room or baby's room in it can often be overwhelming to those who do not have an eye for design. Pink and green bedding can be the perfect combination of colors for a girl's room. Who would have thought that.

Years ago when decorating a girls room there was not as many choices available as there are today. You basically had pink, today however there are many bedding sets and color combination's. Some of the other popular color combination's for a girl's room is blue and pink, pink and brown, pink and red.

Pink and green bedding comes in solid pattern prints and also patterns. Some of the more popular pattens for this color combination's is stripes, paisley, polka dots, and plaid. it can also be found with prints like green trees with a pink background.

More About Pink and Green Bedding

With all of the new bedding to decorate a girls room pink and green bedding has taken off like a storm. Many designers have complete bedding lines that only focus on this color combination of bedding.

It may be so popular because the green that has been added to the pink gives an earthy feel. Which in turn creates a more relaxed bedroom. It is also not as feminine as just pink which can just be plain boring.

There are a wide variety of bedding sets that use the pink color as a background color and the green color to depict objects. Some of the popular objects to have pictured in the green color are insects, wildlife, and trees.

In fact pink and green bedding has recently become so popular that you will find the color combination on bedding sets in almost all bedding stores and all sizes including pink and green crib bedding. This would have been a hard color combination to find just ten years ago. If you have a hard time finding a bedding set in a store you can always shop the vast array of pink and green bedding sets that are available online. Two great places to shop online are and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Pink and Green Bedding
Pink and Green Bedding


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