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Pink Zebra Bedding Inspirations

Updated on April 22, 2012

Tips to Get a Pink Zebra Bedding for Your Master Bedroom

Pink is always a favorite color for bedding. Pink is a color that will instill gentle feelings like love, peace and give you a wonderful sleep forgetting all your worries. But sometimes, women have problems convincing their husbands into having pink-based bedding. Here are some tips that will help you get pink bedding that your husband will like.

Tips to make your pink bedding look masculine too

  1. Black is the best color that can make your bedding perfect for a couple. Pink zebra comforter are the best way to bring black and pink together in a comforter. Pink and black zebra bedding is available in huge range of designs.
  2. Decorate the room with accessories that look mature and masculine. Prefer the black color with little pink for your bedroom decors to get that effect. Black zebra vinyl stickers are the easiest and cheapest accessories that you should first think about. They not only go well with the zebra theme, but also look neutral for a master bedroom.
  3. Don't paint your walls in hot pink if not for a teen's room. Prefer a milder pink with a metallic feel or a subtle grey. The color of your wall might show off the pink too much that your man might not like it.

With all this, you can get a beautiful pink zebra bedding with your husband appreciating you!

Pink Zebra Bedding Pros and Cons

Pink has always been an evergreen color choice in the bedding market. With the advent of zebra bedding, it was speculated that black and white will replace pink in being the common choice of bedding buyers. But that was not the case. The color pink, easily blended with the zebra pattern and highlighted the zebra prints even better. This made one think if the zebra would look more beautiful if only it had some pink on it!

But one should be choosy about pink zebra bedding. While zebra prints themselves create an optical illusion of occupying space, an additional pink color makes it look even more cluttered. Below are some good designs of pink zebra bedding which you can consider while shopping.

There is another easy way to make your own zebra bedding. Just buy a separate zebra comforter and sham set. Single or double piece comforter sets are cheaper. Complement it with pink fitted sheets, pink pillows and pink bed skirts. This will create a gorgeous look without looking gaudy.

What's your choice?

Which color goes well with zebra print?

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