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Brad Pitt’s Housing Project is Looking Good

Updated on December 28, 2017
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I have done extensive research in toxic housing and construction. I value my ability to share the information with others to save lives.

Community Meeting

Mike Holmes Helped

Brad Pitt started a housing project down in Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. It is a fine example of the Make It Right foundation helping families rebuild their homes. Celebrity home designer and "Holmes on Homes" TV personality Mike Holmes worked with Pitt on the project. Holmes promotes green living, so working with Pitt and Make It Right was perfect for both of them.

A Blessing

Holmes and Pitt agreed on building homes that would not burn down, blow down, and not go down under any circumstances. Pitt says it’s not that hard to do. After what New Orleans has been through with Katrina, this is a blessing. Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, which also follows Holmes’ philosophy, took the idea to task and applied it to the New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward. The area was ruined by the levee breaks in 2005's Hurricane Katrina.

150 Homes

Pitt and Holmes built 150 homes, each designed to prevent future catastrophe. To some, that may seem impossible, but they are doing it with the idea of raising the homes three feet above the ground that can withstand being blown down by a hurricane.

What Do You Think?

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Solar Panels

Of course, solar panels play an important part in the project as well as other environmental friendly factors such as homes capturing rainwater to reuse for gardening and toilets.

The idea of building homes that withstand natural catastrophes is deeply appreciated by the locals. Particularly in areas that are historically known to have natural catastrophes. In New Orleans, Pitt and Holmes are setting positive examples for others to follow in a region that we need to give hope and a brighter future.

Make It Right Helps the Unfortunate

Today, the Make It Right Foundation believes that everyone has the right to live in a high-quality, healthy home that enhances the natural environment. Unfortunately, there are those who are less fortunate and need assistance to get started and build a strong home for their lives. The organization helps those who need help, and they believe communities should be fully engaged in defining their own needs and have a leading role in designing appropriate ways to meet those needs.

The foundation supports any design that can offer the power to improve the quality of affordable housing and enhance occupants’ living conditions. The results are playing a key role in creating vibrant, sustainable communities. Driving the purpose to build safe homes, and help those around the world live in a healthy community. The fact that it is affordable with high-quality and environmentally sustainable homes is all the better.

Cradle to Cradle Homes

One of the programs the foundations supports is Cradle to Cradle Homes. The program is still unique, but hopefully, that will change and the program will become widespread. Architect William McDonough and chemist Dr. Michael Braungart apply specific criteria in order to develop communities. They use materials that are biological and/or technically safe and renewable with social fairness and human dignity.

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