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Green Tea Not Just For Drinking Anymore!

Updated on February 5, 2015
Even Green Tea Candy Bars!
Even Green Tea Candy Bars!
Green tea growing as far as the eye can see
Green tea growing as far as the eye can see

Green Tea 5 Surprising Household Uses

Today I drank an entire pot of Green Tea with 3 bags!! I ran out of Coffee. I love Green Tea and can easily drink an entire pot, I just don't often drink the whole pot at once! Many commecials and website devote lots of ad space selling you on the weight loss benefits of Green Tea the stuff is in gum, juice drinks even muffins! Does it work? Maybe, as long as you are not consuming a dozen Green tea and spice muffins a day! Anyway I was about to toss my tea bags into the compost heap outside my kitchen window and I thought "is there anything useful I can do with green tea bags?"

Many cities including the one I live have a large population of the folks living here are "eco-aware" Part of my job is to consult people looking to live more sustainably and help them with tips and ideas on how to make small, changes in their lives in order to have a softer impact on the environment. The first tip below really caught my eye Yoga Mat Deodorizer! Here in my town there is a running joke that if you need a job become a yoga instructor or a massage therapist! So here is what I found on Green Tea, DO NOT throw away your used tea bags use them to change the world or at least make it less stinky!

Adapted from The Book of Green Tea, by Diana Rosen (Storey Books, 1998).

1. Yoga Mats. In the hot, humid areas of Thailand, Burma, and other Asian countries, people sleep on straw mats. This straw is cool and comfortable, but people do perspire. It is quite common in these areas for straw mats to be washed in tubs of water to which tea has been added. The tea works as a powerful deodorizer, leaves a fresh scent, and can even infuse the straw with a delicate sage color. You can use green tea to clean other washable surfaces, such as yoga mats and air mattresses.

2. Litter Boxes. Used green tea leaves are wonderful in kitty litter as an extra boost for diffusing odors, and they help deter fleas from both cats and dogs.

3. Pet Beds. Sprinkle dried used green tea leaves on your pet’s favorite pillow or bed. Great in doghouses or anywhere troublesome pet odors occur. If you can afford the extravagance, loose leaf gunpowder tea is great for dogs to roll around in. The crunching of the pellets releases a wonderful aroma, and helps to scratch wherever dogs have an itch. The pellets help give your dog a more pleasant smell.

4. Refrigerators. Place used green tea bags or leaves in a small bowl, uncovered, in your refrigerator to help absorb odors from onions and garlic for about three days. NO need to throw them out even then, just sprinkle the old leaves around your ferns, rosebushes, or other plants.

5. Kitchen Odors. Preparing fish? Cutting up garlic? Rid your hands of the fish or garlic oils by rubbing them with wet green tea leaves, an instant deodorizer. The leaves are also great for deodorizing the pan in which you cook fish or garlic.

Enjoy your green tea each day and remember to use the bags, when you are finished with them the compost is the last resting place for your completely used up tea bags! Scroll down to read about some interesting uses for Grapeseed Oil! Peace!

Grapeseed oil, easy to find in your grocery store
Grapeseed oil, easy to find in your grocery store
Mix your favorite essential oils with salt or sugar and some Grapeseed oil for a fantastic body scrub!
Mix your favorite essential oils with salt or sugar and some Grapeseed oil for a fantastic body scrub!

Grapeseed Oil 5 Ways To Use This Common Oil

These days Green IS the new black. So Ecomama is here with a "guilt free" and easy way to "go green" at your own pace and with the greatest of ease! Its not all about baking soda and vinegar! Just have fun and do what you know. What I know is many companies are making it easier then ever to buy green cleaning products, even Clorox has joined the party. You do not need to spend all your hard earned money. One common and economical ingredient just happens to be my favorite, Grapeseed oil!! That all you need! Go to the store right now and buy the biggest bottle of Grapeseed oil you can find. While your at it get a big box of Kosher salt and if you are feeling really creative get a bottle of essential oil in ANY flavor you like. Any health food store will carry essential oils and there are lots of great websites too. I like Lavender or any citrus scent. But just get the Grapeseed oil for sure. Here is a list of what you can do with Grapeseed oil.

1. Dab oil on a dust cloth and dust your whole house (except electronics or shower floors)

2. Clean the leaves of your houseplants

3. Use it to shine up your sink after you scrub it with lemon juice and kosher salt

4. Use it all over your body as a luxurious petroleum free body oil reuse an old mustard or ketchup bottle fill with oil and add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil.

5. Body Scrub- reuse old butter or sour cream tub fill halfway with Kosher or Sea Salt (or brown sugar or granulated sugar) cover salt with Grapeseed oil and 4 drops essential oil, mix. Make a body scrub that will give the spa a run for its money! I like to put this mixture into small mason jars and give it as gifts!

Have fun with Grapeseed oil and come back to find out the best way to make your sink sparkle!!

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