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Plant Power! Indoor Air Purification with Plants

Updated on January 25, 2020
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Hi ! I am a social blogger and loves to write about environment friendly objects like plants, pollution control, air purification etc.

We haven’t come across a single individual who desires to breathe in an environment that is chock-full of toxic pollutants. And we are sure, you don’t either! However, we must be thankful for nature in gifting us a variety of indoor plants that not only animate and vivify your house and make it more welcoming, but simultaneously, purify the air around you!

What a win-win? Isn’t it?

Of course, it is! Duh-uh!

Now you must be wondering, how on earth this is possible and must be trying to configure the real picture behind it. Perhaps, let us break it to you, the wholesome process of air sanitization is called phytoremediation (that’s quite a word though!)

So, what is phytoremediation?

Phytoremediation occurs only in quite a few plants called “hyper-accumulators”, they grip quite a good degree of pollutants without being poisoned on their own by stabilizing the soil and this is a piece of great news for those who wish to mount plants inside or breathe some fresh air! Hyper-accumulators gulp all the toxins in water or air that mostly include dense metals, radioactive contaminates or petroleum yields, and this mighty process what is called “phytoremediation”. As you are now enlightened about phytoremediation, you must learn that this process occurs on both, leaves and in the roots of a plant, which makes the scrubbing of polluted air slightly quicker. The tissues that are present in these plants degrade the size of the toxins, and metals that are cultivated through composting or incineration.

Cheers to that mishmash of microbes, soil, and roots, which leads to the reduction of air pollution from your beautiful space!

Now probably the next thing you would be rattling in your mind is, about the plants that fall into the category of “hyper-accumulators” or in a layman’s lingo “air-purifying plants”. Since, these are some special ones in the room, by this we mean, helpful in purifying the air, we have named a few of them to help you identify. These are –

  • PALM PLANT (NASA APPROVED): This one has the skill and aptitude to purify the air from dissimilar and some very detrimental pollutants like carbon monoxide and benzene. Indoor Palm Plants are extremely helpful for being a natural humidifier as it foodstuffs a jumble of ambient water round the clock. Therefore, it’s a perfect plant for the ones stressed with breathing snags.

  • SNAKE PLANT (NASA APPROVED): Apart from the idiosyncratic looking leaves, the snake plant retains abundant value in nature. And, if you are eager to breathe fresh air indoors especially, during that time of the year when the air is tremendously contaminated outdoor, this indoor plant is your savior that is going to help in eradicating toxic formaldehyde existing in the air.

  • MONEY PLANT: This one is a pro air purifier for indoor purposes. Planting it will effortlessly clean the air of pollutants containing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene. Besides, this is easiest to preserve and let’s not underestimate how stunning it looks like home décor.

  • PEACE LILIES: A plant that will be treasured by you to keep inside your space as it not only beautifies your home décor but easy to grow as well. Let’s not underestimate its small size because it is crammed with great air-purifying talents. Filled with skills of eliminating toxins like formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air, peace lily does its job well.

Lastly, we would like you to learn that they all are exceptionally easy and handy to take care of and hallelujah you can shop them at

Hope you have a purifying day ahead!


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