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Parsley - Planting & Consuming

Updated on September 24, 2015

Planting Parsley can help you to save money.If you are not using yet, you should know it is a great way to give some different taste and smell to your food. If that is not enough for you, know that you can do a tea from the leaves.

If you want to plant parsley at home, there are several conditions you have to take care and adapt to your place. It is not as simple as having pot and putting some seeds and water, you have to take some measures to have good parsley.

This hub is also about my experience on planting Parsley at home, in an apartment. I can say planting parsley is easy, specially when you have a window facing south.

Additionally you are also going to find different ways to consume or drink from the parsley. All in this hub, just keep scrolling for more information

Essentials for Growing Parsley

  • A Place in the Sun, or at least some sunlight;
  • Plastic Flower Pot or any other material;
  • Soil;
  • Parsley Seeds;
  • Water.

If you can guarantee this 5 elements you have the essential for growing Parsley, after that it just needs your attention and some "love" treating your seeds and parsley.

Watering Parsley

Depending on the size of your pot and on the size of the herb, you may need to water daily or weekly.

I tend to have my parsley herbs not too big, so it does not become a very high consumer of water, and since I will not consume all the growing parsley, I just keep it small.

I usually water it in a weekly basis, leaving the pot with lots of water, so it is consumed during the week, and if you go for small vacations, it easily survives.

Parsley Seeds I use

Parsley Seeds
Parsley Seeds


You can find seeds easily on eBay or maybe in a store, if it has a seeds area, they are probably next to the flower seeds.

They may occupy a small space.

I bought a small bag at a store.

Recipes with Parsley

You can know that the leaf is ready to be put on your food when it is green, and it smells good. The smell is probably the better way to evaluate your parsley.

For example, in this picture you can see 3 leaves of parsley with a good color, that could be used immediately to improve the food.

The leaves can last for several days for consumption while they are connected with the root in the pot.

Parsley Benefits

Using Parsley

You can use Parsley in several ways.

  • Usually people do not eat raw parsley, it is most used to decorate and give some flavor and smell to the food.
  • You can puree it and make a chimichurri sauce (freezable)
  • Green Sauce, that you can mix with other herbs.
  • Parsley Oil, an healthy solution that can help you in different ways.
  • Parsley Pesto

Additionally you can make Parsley Tea, you can find more information about it at the bottom of the Hub.

My Parsley in the Kitchen

I have my parsley near a window in the kitchen of a small apartment. To have this, it requires:

  1. Plastic Flower Pot (Preferably with a plate to put under)
  2. Some Soil (You can buy or gather it)
  3. Parsley Seeds (Probably you will have to buy it)

After having these 3 essentials, you just need to feel the pot with some soil. After that I would recommend watering the new soil for the seeds, after that you should wait 3 days to put the seeds in the soil.

Now that everything is prepared you just need to water regularly and see your parsley grow. Enjoy the taste and smell of your home made parsley.

How to make Parsley Tea


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