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Plaster Repair Cost Saving Tip

Updated on June 14, 2017
Wall Patch
Wall Patch

Plaster Wall Tips

The advantages or saving plaster walls that are only slightly damaged is fairly obvious. The decision is more difficult when much of the plaster wall is deteriorated, crumbling missing, suffering from water damage, or loosened from its supporting wooden lath.

Our experience has shown that it is less expensive to replace 50% of the walls and ceilings with sound plaster repair than it is to replace all the plaster and lath and replace it with drywall over the entire surface.

In addition, any time the old lath is solid is fairly level and has all loose bits of plaster removed, it is less expensive to leave it in place whether the repair method is re-plastering or patching with drywall. The reason is that very old studs often are uneven and needs to be shimmed if the old lath is removed. Also by leaving the old lathe in place, you leave the trim work around the doors and windows that are nailed over it. that saves the trouble of taking off the trim and reinstalling it.


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