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Best Deals on the Coolest Plastic Mugs

Updated on May 9, 2011
Plastic Mug
Plastic Mug

When you crave a beverage you need a container to drink it from. Plastic mugs are made for all kinds of beverage uses. If you want to drink beer but are afraid you may drop your glass (or maybe its getting to be a couple beers in) then plastic beer mugs would be your ideal solution. They look just like real bear mugs but without the danger of glass. Some even have water on the inside of the glass so that you can put it in the freezer and the water turns to ice to keep your beer cold while you are drinking it without having to put ice cubes in your beer which would end up watering it down.  And no one like watery beer.

If you need to take some cold water or hot coffee to go in your car then an insulated plastic travel mug will best fit your needs. They fit perfectly in the cup holders in your car and keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm.

Kids need plastic mugs more than anyone. The mugs are made of colorful plastic which kids like and are of course strong enough to be dropped without breaking. And young kids will feel more grown up drinking from a plastic mug than from a sippy cup.

For the sports fanatic, plastic mugs are great. You can get pretty much any team that you like and they are great for showing off at work or hanging out with friends while watching the game.

Beyond the regular plastic mugs that are available, you can also get some pretty funky mugs too.  From plastic mugs shaped like a cowboy boot to plastic pirate mugs and everything in between.  Whatever your style there is a plastic mug that you are sure to like.


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