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Plastic Storage Bins and Containers

Updated on July 15, 2009

If in a need of a way to clear clutter from beneath your feet plastic storage bins are a perfect home organizing product. The storage boxes are available almost everywhere, and most households seem to have at least one or two hanging around in the garage or basement. Organizing a work spaces, to a home office or a child's bedroom - these storage boxes offer a simple and cost-effective, approach to maintain a clear area. Store all items from clothes, toys, paper-work, to tools and garage supplies while keeping them protected from dust and pests in a box.

It's possible to find an assortment of plastic storage containers and bins at local stores, department stores or large hardware stores in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and styles to accommodate all needs. Although, in most case searching online will often return a full complement of storage solutions for de-cluttering a home.

Type of Storage Boxes

Toy storage bins can range from the plastic organizers, to woven or fuzzy baskets in a choice of fun colors and designs. Baskets and bins can easier be stacked on a shelve or cupboard at the end of the day to be out to the way. Storage units can interlock so offering a choice of space saving configurations.

Clear or transparent storage bins allow all content in the boxes to remain visible at times. If boxes are stacked up one on top of another it makes it that much easier to locate a certain item even when it’s packed away. Molded boxes are made of a clear material to ensure uncompromised visibility in tracking those items in quick fashion.

Rubbermaid plastic storage bins are a popular choice with a series of cost-effective mini towers with 2, 3, 4, or 5 drawer units. Perfect for storing desktop supplies - all made of a sturdy polypropylene material with clear drawers for a quick view of contents.

Plastic Storage Baskets

In order to avoid a nightmare scenario of being unable to find a much need item - avoid cramming an assortment of goods all into a single container. If at all possible dedicate a single box to one type of thing. This ensures that all items can be found in a snap. So, when it comes to the next search  its just a case of opening that particular box and not having to search through 10 or 12 baskets all stacked next to one another. Also storage bins without a lid are ideal for items that are used often or in need of immediate access.


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      lucille12 3 years ago

      If you want to give your closet a makeover consider adding black plastic hangers.