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Plastic Storage Bins with Lids

Updated on December 13, 2014

Help Organise your Home with Plastic Storage Bins

Organizing and spring cleaning can be a maddening process, but when you have the right tools in place to help you get things in order, it certainly makes the whole practice much easier. When you're trying to de-clutter, some of the best items to use for storage are plastic storage bins with lids.

Using plastic storage bins to hold your items will keep them clean from dirt and debris. They're easy to stack, durable and its especially smart to use transparent bins since it will make locating your stored items fast and easy. They're also a very economical storage option, both short and long term. You want to make sure that when you're looking for these types of storage bins that you find ones that are durable, long lasting and easy to stack so that you can utilize your space to it's utmost capacity.

Clear Storage Bins

These see through bins from Sterlite come in a pack of twelve and you can choose from two different sizes: the six quart option at around $25, or the 16 quart option at around $55. No wonder it is in the top 10 best sellers on Amazon. Customers rave about using them for shoes especially, probably since they are super clear and you can identify your shoes easily and quickly. Definitely a major plus for anyone with a shoe collection. Oh and they ship for free!

Large Plastic Storage Bins

If you're looking for something heftier and larger to accommodate more of your household goods like linens and blankets, seasonal clothing etc, then check out these other storage bins by Sterlite as well. These 66 quart bins have a snap lid and ergonomically designed latches to keep your items safe and secure. They also include integrated handles for easy moving and handling of the bins. These plastic storage bins also will ship to you for free and you get four of these for just under $60.

Durable Storage Bins

These clear plastic storage boxes are sold just one at a time and get a whopping five star customer review on Amazon. They are made from high quality polypropylene which make these boxes super durable. Storage capacity is 18.5 quarts and with a snap latch lid, these are great for storing housewares, shoes, crafts and much, much more. These round out price-wise at just around $12 each.

Storage Bins with Snap On Lids

United Solutions offers a smaller six quart storage unit made of a durable plastic that is clear, easy to stack in multiples and again has a snap on lid for easy use. If you're looking for some smaller boxes and just need one, or a few, these plastic storage bins with lids are sold one at a time and the price point is just under $10, for each.

Small Plastic Bins

Small plastic bins with lids are fantastic options to de-junk those junk drawers and store all of those items that get tangled and lost around the house like your crafts, pens, pencils, thread, postcards, stationary etc. This 12 pack of small containers by Sterlite will get that job done and much more. They are modular and stackable and they're small enough to disappear out of plain sight right inside of your pantry or closet. The lids are attached to assure that they don't get lost. That's a great feature. How many of us have food storage containers around the house that are missing lids, or lids missing a bottom? That won't happen here! They're also great options for storing food items like cereal or rice.

Underbed Storage Bins

Practical, durable and economical, these plastic storage bins with lids by Sterlite offer 28 quarts of storage space and are extremely easy to hide under the bed because of the compact design. One customer raves about how they can fit eight of these boxes under their full size bed, so these are a fantastic option to use if you don't have a lot of extra closet space. From shoes to toiletries, pack it up and get it out of your way for good with these bins. The transparent storage portion of these bins are designed to assure that you can find your hidden goodies with ease. A pack of ten comes in this batch for just around $80.

Seasonal Storage

Using plastic storage bins with lids for seasonal storage, home and office organizing, moving or even for the kids toys will help you to get coordinated and keep your items secure, easy to locate and get the clutter out of your personal space and away where it belongs. So pack it up, put it out of the way and breathe again. The organization process just became as easy as one, two, three!

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