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Plastic Waiting Room Chairs

Updated on May 24, 2010

Plastic waiting room chairs have the best value when it comes to waiting room furniture.  When you're setting up a new waiting room or reception area there's a lot to deal with and the last thing you need to deal with is finding the right chairs for your waiting room.  Plastic reception chairs have come a long way since the old days and now modern plastic reception chairs provide a comfortable yet practical way to outfit your waiting room. 

Cheap plastic waiting room chairs provide comfort and convenience

If you're looking to buy plastic waiting room chairs you're going to want to get the best price and in order to get the best price there are a few things you need to know. The following tips offer some advice on what you should consider when buying waiting room chairs.

Because today's technology is so advanced, there are numerous different types of plastic waiting room chairs available. Most all of them are inexpensive and it pretty much comes down to just a few things:

Layout: Depending on the type of layout you want, you can get all sorts of plastic reception chairs from single armless chairs, to deluxe plastic chairs with sled rails or casters, to complete furniture sets that combine chairs into rows or benches and some corner units have a table built right in.

Style: There are a few different styles out there to choose from. You can go with a more traditional and professional plastic chair to some crazy chairs that come in all sorts of colors and styles.

Cost: Because of the molding technology that's available any these plastic chairs are more affordable and have a greater variety. You can get fancier, expensive waiting room chairs that will give the reception area a professional and modern look.

If your budget is really strapped for cash you can always consider getting used waiting room chairs. There are some great deals to be had online and you don't have to worry about plastic chairs being worn out.

Getting the lowest price when buying plastic chairs

Saving money on setting up your waiting room is important and finding discount waiting room chairs will help you stay within your budget.  Assuming you can afford something better than the plastic chairs they have in elementary schools, the price of the plastic reception chair should be anywhere from $70-100.  There are several websites online that will advertise low prices; however, these tend to be loss leaders to get you to look around the website.  I've found that whenever I've needed new office furniture, I've had great success with Amazon.  They have really competitive prices; within 5% or so of the lowest price on the web, they offer free shipping on most orders over $25 and their customer service is great if you have any issues.


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