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Plastic, Wood, Iron And Aluminium Garden Furniture

Updated on October 22, 2011

Good garden furniture is not always necessarily expensive. A lot of people think that people who could only afford can have beautiful, durable and stylish furniture which is an entirely wrong concept.

Everyone can have their garden set with beautiful furniture; all it actually requires is some aesthetic sense, creativity and the knowledge about the right product from ones side.

Firstly, let us discuss what basically garden furniture is and how it is different from the indoor furniture. Garden furniture, obviously the furniture that is kept in ones garden, is designed specifically for the outdoor conditions and is different from the indoor furniture in that matter. 

The outdoor furniture is usually simple and is designed in a special way that it can have the maximum resistance towards changing weathers, rust, and corrosion and is also very durable.

For example the tables and chairs made for outdoor purposes usually have small holes that do not let the water stay hence preventing water corrosion. The material that is used in the making of the out door furniture should also be corrosion resistant. It can be any metal, plastic or durable wood. 

Teak Garden Furniture
Teak Garden Furniture

What Materials Are Best For Garden Furniture?

Wooden Garden Furniture

When it comes to choosing the right material for ones garden furniture a lot of people suggest that the best material for garden furniture is wood. There is no doubt that wood furniture can be very durable but the problem with good wood furniture is that it is pretty expensive.

There is a range of cheap wooden furniture in market but it is highly in advisable. If you can not afford chic expensive furniture and are in search of good cheap furniture for your garden it is better if you forget about wooden furniture.

Plastic Garden Furniture.
Plastic Garden Furniture.
Iron garden bench.
Iron garden bench.

Plastic Garden Furniture

In my opinion the best material for garden furniture is plastic. Not only is it cheap but extremely durable and also if you search the market well, there is a vast range of beautiful plastic furniture available. It is up to you to choose the best for your garden.

It is convenient to have large plastic chairs in your garden kept for separate seating as they can be very comfortable. There is also a large variety of stylish tables to choose from in the market as well. You can buy a table of any size and shape and cover it with beautiful pieces of cloth.

You can cover the entire table with a single piece or can put a small piece of any shape in the centre. Surround the table with chairs. The number of chairs depends on the size of the table. For example if you have brought a small round table for your garden you can place stylish chairs, four on either side. This can be perfect for small gatherings.

Wrought Iron Garden Furniture

After plastic the material best suited for garden furniture is the wrought iron. It is cheap and is very resistant to corrosion and rust. Wrought iron furniture is easily available in the market. You can have wrought iron chairs, tables and plant stands. Stylish tables and chairs can be created out of wrought iron.

You can buy a table stand made of this material and place a transparent plastic or glass top. Surround the table with chairs of the same material. Usually wrought iron chairs on not very comfortable to sit on.

You can buy small and stylish cushions to make them more comfortable. Stylish wrought iron plant stands can also be placed in your garden and you can put pots of beautiful flowers in them.

Outdoor Aluminium chairs.
Outdoor Aluminium chairs.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Another material other than wood suitable for outdoor garden furniture is the aluminum.

Aluminum is a shiny lustrous metal that is extremely resistant towards rust and is also very durable. Aluminum chairs are light weight and easily carried.

An aluminum table with a top of another material is a nice idea. Other than that aluminum plant stands, stylish and good ones are also available in the market. 

Beautiful and stylish garden furniture can be created out of any material its up to you to choose the best for garden.

By searching the market well and by using your aesthetic sense you can buy the best furniture for your garden and make your garden a beautiful and a perfect place to hangout.

Wooden Garden Furniture


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