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Plastic Martini Glasses : Where to get the Best Deals

Updated on November 21, 2010
Martini Glasses
Martini Glasses

Martini Glasses have a certain status of class and are very stylish when they are added to a dinner table. Some say a bit of distinction and upper class are held in those V shaped martini glasses.

Cocktail glasses and martini glasses are from the same group of glassware. Cocktail stemware was meant to hold ice. Therefore the stem is very long so when you’re holding your drink by the stem it will not warm your drink.

There are several styles of martini glasses. Some to be drank from and some are only meant to be displayed. Artists can create art by painting on an individual glass or they can be beautifully hand blown to create an amazing work of martini glass art.

If you are having a large party, you will not want to buy 100 martini glasses, but buying 100 plastic martini glasses is the perfect way to have martini's in the perfect drink ware without blowing your party budget.  The cheapest place to get plastic martini glasses for your party, wedding or celebration is Amazon.

Colored Plastic Martini Glasses

The martini glasses were designed in a cone like v shape. This stops the ingredients from separating. Many people think that the surface of the brim is very wide for the airing of the gin’s bouquet!

Rumors arose over the years about why the martini glasses were made with such a wide brim. The one that stands out as being possibly true or at least rather interesting is that during the days of Prohibition in America martini glasses made for a quick way to get rid of the alcohol which was illegal just incase the Federal agents raided the nightclubs!

Which ever way you like your martinis you have to drink them in a martini glass to get full enjoyment so why not get one that you will love.


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    • Karen Wodke profile image

      Karen Wodke 7 years ago from Midwest

      I liked your article. There is something really classy looking about a martini glass.