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Pleasantly Going Backwards In A Forward Society: CHAPTER 6: Slow As Molasses, But Just As Good

Updated on March 7, 2011
Our daughter and one of her friends sanding her walls
Our daughter and one of her friends sanding her walls
A work in progress.
A work in progress.
Bathroom is shaping up.
Bathroom is shaping up.
Our youngest son sands drywall in his new room.
Our youngest son sands drywall in his new room.
Everyone paints.
Everyone paints.
Look at how dirty I am Mom. That means I worked hard.
Look at how dirty I am Mom. That means I worked hard.
All that work finally shows!
All that work finally shows!
Looking into the kitchen
Looking into the kitchen

CHAPTER 6: Slow As Molasses, But Just As Good


My New 3 Favorite Words: IT’S PAID FOR!

An ongoing essay of truths, mishaps and growing experiences by Sarah Jackson


CHAPTER 6: Slow As Molasses, But Just As Good


            We will not discuss the amount of time which has elapsed during this process. After all, if time is saved money, I am not complaining. It took Michelangelo years to finish the Pieta, so there. Like a woman senses the presence of a clearance rack, I sense new beginnings on the horizon. While my countless hours of mudding and sanding have not completely diminished my lunch-lady arms, they have created a livable home with lovely walls.  NEVER underestimate the power of YouTube and all its DIY tutorials. So after thousands of baby steps up to this point, we have made some huge improvements.


            Because I was A) too cheap to hire someone to prepare my interior walls, and B) stubborn enough to believe I could do the walls myself, I now have beautiful walls. Months of gooping and mudding and playing with various size spatulas – I have learned a few things! Mudding, to me, is not unlike baking. I add a little water to my mud, whip it up into a lovely creamy frosting, and apply it like icing to the unsightly seams. Mud. Next day, mud is dry. Sand. Next day, go over any missed spots or holes. Next day mud is dry. Sand. This process can be eternal….sometimes you have to say to yourself, “So what if the bottom of the wall looks like a pock-marked teen in the throes of puberty – I’ll just use eggshell paint and stick a bookshelf in front of it!”  Perfection, to me, is not a flawless wall. Perfection is the pride I feel swelling in my heart (and my arthritic joints) when I have completed a room. I now have a delightful collection of wrist supports in varying colors.


            The kids have been itching to paint. To them, the act of painting a room holds the same excitement factor as being next in line to ride the log flume. They know two things for certain: 1) It’s going to be messy! 2) Mom is allowing them to do something they never get to do at home. That is enough to get any kid stirred into action. My daughter enticed one of her BFF’s to help with her new room. I gave them instructions. “Sand the walls, not each other! Do NOT throw mud dust at one another! Have fun!” They had fun sanding one another and then powdering their faces with white dust. “Mom – take our picture to show how hard we’ve worked!” Yeah. After I regained control of the paint rollers attached to long handles (they were being used in an awkward sword fight) I poured the primer and gave specific instructions. I carefully demonstrated the how-to’s of painting the walls. I turned the paint rollers over to the girls. I expected chaos. What I got was precision team work. It was sweet. They shared, they took turns, and they did a great job. I would have given praise under any circumstance, but I was raving with compliments by the time they finished! I cannot wait to give them more tasks! I wonder if they could grout ?


            We still have a long way to go. This week our focus is the bathroom. We splurged and bought the “Super Gulp” toilet – which boasts of a flush so powerful it can swallow Duplos and Barbies without the slightest provocation.  We also insulated beneath the metal tub so we won’t hear the kids incessantly banging around with their reverberating stomping in the shower.  Like everything else in this project, our goal is “not-necessarily-new-but-much-improved.” Because I have long wished to bring something from our current (old) house and incorporate it into the new house, I decided on the front porch. I literally want to take the boards of our current home’s front porch and use them in the bathroom – as the ceiling. It may sound bizarre – but trust me… It’ll be cool. These boards are weathered in the way that only 70 years and 5 coats of paint can achieve.  Hmmm, and a coffee table. I think we’ll make a coffee table out of some of them too. My children learned how to walk on those boards, and we’re bringing them with us. That’s the great thing about all of this – it’s ours and we get to make it ours any way we want. Well, as long as it’s within the budget…



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    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 

      7 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Voted up and awesome. I like your style! How did we live before youtube DIY tutorials? Oh, yes, we made a big mess of everything. You are teaching your children a wonderful lesson on how to live.

    • crystolite profile image


      7 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice hub.thanks for sharing.

    • dragonjimm profile image


      7 years ago from Alabama

      there are plenty of trees:)

    • profile image

      Susan Goodwin Hazzard 

      7 years ago

      Just wish I ould help!

      When you get the bathroom working, maybe I can bring G.G. And help with some of the work.

      I LOVE YOU!!!!


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