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Plumbing do's and dont'ts

Updated on December 1, 2012


Everybody can agree that Plumbing can be a daunting job, especially if you have zero experience fixing things. Furthermore plumbing can be a very nasty and smelly job that could make some nauseous. Because plumbing problems can be caused or cause a whole slew of situations, it is wise to follow certain protocols. Never turn your water heater to the highest heat setting since the water can burn you and cause the water heater to over heat, thus causing leaks. Always drain and blow out your water heater at least every other year so you can clean out the sediment in the bottom. Be sure to poor bleach down your drains at least once of month to help clear out the gunk that has accumulated in them. It is very important to weatherize your property when fall sets in if you live in colder climates like Colorado for example. Weatherization entails detaching garden hoses or any other outside water lines, covering up AC or water coolers and making sure the water is turned off to sprinkler systems. It isn't recommended ever to use Drano on a clogged drain but if you do warn the plumber. Drano is a potent chemical that can burn the plumber when he or she has to cut the pipe to fix it. Never flush feminine products or baby wipes down the toilet because it clogs them easily from water being adsorbed into them. Never put rice, coffee grounds or egg shells down the garbage disposal, it will instantly clog the drain and possibly break the disposal. Lastly dont run the dishwasher or the washer machine at the same time. The floor drain may become overloaded by to much water pressure. This problem is mostly common in older houses since the pipes have settled and they are smaller then in the newer houses. (Kay's Plumbing)



If you follow these simple rules above you can save yourself time, money and stress. Plumbing jobs can get pretty pricy which no one likes. An average master plumber charges $95 an hour for weekdays or $141 an hour on the weekends. Most basic plumbing jobs can be fixed within 3 hours but I have seen some take much longer like replacing main sewer lines so use this information to your advantage for happiness. (


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