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Best Polaris 280 Price Is Online Now

Updated on March 1, 2013

The Best Polaris 280 Price

Was it an accident that you came here or is it because you are seriously considering getting the very best automatic pool cleaner available today? You will discover the very best automatic pool cleaner is the Polaris 280. Even though the manufacturer has newer models, THIS is the one to get! I love my Polaris. It is in my pool and it saves hours of work. My wife & I now enjoy our pool without ever pulling out the vacuum and long hose that gets all tangled up and by the time we are done, we're too tired to swim! The very best Polaris 280 price is actually online right here.

Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner
Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner

Read my product blog to get an even better feel for this method of pool cleaning.

The performance of other automatic pool cleaners we've used was okay at best but we were never really satisfied. They all used vacuum sucking that used the pool filter motor to suck up debris before it gets to the filter. They worked "so-so" but as with other vacuum powered cleaners, it slowed down the sucking into the skimmer basket. The top of the pool always seemed to have debris floating on it because it never got pulled into the basket. The performance varied quite a bit over time because we had to make sure the filter was kept extra clean in order for the sucking power to stay as high as possible.

A little over two years ago we moved into our present "retirement" home and over time, because of the reviews, our Polaris is now connected and doing a great job. Because it uses a separate motor that drives the Polaris from the pressure side, the skimmer sucking is never affected and the pool surface stays clean. Since there is no filter cleaning involved with the Polaris 280, the pressure never changes and it keeps cleaning like a champ! The Polaris 280 works so great that we can't believe we didn't get one of these years ago! Olga, as we have nick-named her, is our full time pool maid!

Watching "Olga" work her magic around the pool is fascinating in a weird way. While scooping up all the leaves and debris that the northeast winds brings us daily Olga, every once in awhile climbs up the side walls. When she turns around to go back down her tail sometimes surprises us with a cool squirt; like a squirt gun tease on a hot day. It's great!

Maintenance is a snap. Emptying the attached debris bag is a simple as undoing the hook/loop straps and emptying the bag in the trash. A guy I read about has a trick to easier maintenance. He puts nylon stockings in the bag! He uses a 12 inch nylon sock (he gets a package of 6 at the dollar store) The simply changes the sock every 3-4 weeks. This way he never has to clean the actual Polaris 280 bag. He just throws away the full nylon sock.

Take my word for it or not but I'm sold. Read all the vacuum reviews written by all the happy Polaris 280 owners who took the time to tell their own story. You might also want to check out your local pool supply store for any discounts and ask them about it. When that fails - as it will, you are ready to buy the Polaris 280 with the very best price is online.

Video about the Polaris 280

If you own one of these could you tell your story here?

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    • polaris-280-best profile image

      polaris-280-best 5 years ago

      If you have first hand experience with this please tell your story here. is my main blog.

    • polaris-280-best profile image

      polaris-280-best 6 years ago

      Please let me know if you find a better value!